Sonos Play 3 Wireless Speaker System


Sonos Play:3 wireless Hifi

Sonos Play:3 Black
Tried a Sonos play 3 system a while back. It was pretty good and I was quite impressed by its functionality. Once got the hang of it and it synced it to my computer I was then able to connect it to all my songs on my computer. I could just browse and select the folders where all my music was stored and also had the option to connect my iTunes to it. I could then with my account connect and control the Sonos Play 3 system from anywhere within my house by my ipad with the Sonos app. The only big issue I found was that there was no way that you could connect it so that you could play anything at will since there is no audio input. For that you would need the larger version of Sonos, that’s Sonos play 5. This was very disappointing as it meant I could not connect this to my stereo system or play YouTube videos from my computer at will. Other than that the sound quality is brilliant and the bass pumps out so it’s great to dance to. Surprisingly for its size it is also very loud which is great I was not expecting. However it is a little pricey at £259 which is an extortionate amount of money. Especially if you want two then that would be £518! It is recommended that you buy the play: 5 since its compatible with just about anything whereas these Sonos play isn’t because of the audio input that is missing. It is yet to be understood why they still have this model still on sale, you would’ve thought they would have modified it instead of just making it Wi-Fi compatible which isn’t always what you want.


  • 3-driver speaker system
  • 3 digital amps
  • 1 tweeter
  • 2 mid-range drivers
  • 1 bass radiator