Aerosmith’s Joe Perry and Monster deliver rock-focused audio line

Hollywood Vampires Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry launches new line with Monster
Joe Perry Monster Aerosmith Hollywood Vampires

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry is pairing with Monster to deliver a new home audio line aimed at rock fans. He wants to end the rap-focused sound that dominates consumer audio nowadays. Perry expanded on the reason behind the collaboration with company that, ironically, formerly manufactured Beats headphones:

“It seems like some of the audio equipment that’s available has been focused more on pop and rap. So I’m going to work with Monster on developing a line of things like boomboxes and headphones that will be focused on rock ‘n’ roll. There are a lot of bands out there making rock, and it deserves to be heard the way it’s supposed to be heard.”

Monster states the partnership with Perry will be broad, suggesting it’s not just limited to headphones. It involves new products as well as revamping existing models with a focus on optimizing the “rock ‘n’ roll experience”.

Should we really trust Monster to do classic rock right?

Joe Perry Monster Aerosmith Dr Dre Beats
Monster are going in the opposite direction to their sound in the Beats days.

Monster is still largely known as the company that created the initial Beats headphones with Dr Dre, before their contract ended in 2012. The Monster Beats of course were infamous for their overloaded bass response, which only really worked with rap music. Even their own Monster brand headphones have a pretty tailored, bass-heavy response, which will be familiar to those who have tried Beats. So is this really the company people want to trust with making headphones for rockers?

To be fair, Monster have refined their headphones since the early days, but it seems ironic the company most responsible for the rap-focused trend is now wanting to be known as a headphone for classic rock. That said, if you reach back into the company’s history, they made their name building pro audio cables and later instrument cables. So they do have a bit of rock ‘n’ roll credibility.

Joe Perry said 90 per cent of the work is done and Monster are putting the final tweaks on the product line. However there’s no release date announced or any product specifics available yet.

Joe Perry wants new products to do justice to original studio recordings

Joe Perry Monster Aerosmith headphones
Joe Perry chilling with some Monster products.

The Aerosmith and Hollywood Vampires guitarist said rock fans are losing out with the modern trends in audio products:

“When rap first started, it was all about the basic rhythm. There was a lot of bass, and that’s when people started using subwoofers… I’ve found that the classic songs don’t sound as good as they should. You still want the good, tight bass, but you need a little more emphasis on the midrange. Vocals, guitars, all the instruments that we use are in that range. It would be nice to have some stuff that reproduces the classic stuff with a little more definition the way it should sound, the way it was cut in the studio.”

“I see a lot of kids out there listening to rock & roll and some of the new bands that are out there making some good music. They deserve their music to sound as good as it can. You know, you always have to make compromises when you’re making an album, as you go from playing it to picking microphones to recording it to mixing and mastering it – a lot goes into making a CD sound good. And so many people like to buy their music online and put it on whatever device. I just want to help make the devices reproducing the sounds be as good as they can for rock & roll.”

“I’m a fan first. I’ve heard 16-track bootleg versions of, say, the second Led Zeppelin record. When you listen to that, you kind of have to make your own mix right there. So I can see where people download music off the internet. It isn’t better-sounding. So there’s definitely room for improvement in the hardware itself to make that music sound better.”

Joe Perry on the road with Hollywood Vampires

Joe Perry is going to kick off a 17-date US tour tomorrow with Hollywood Vampires, alongside bandmates Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper. Reportedly a live album is on the cards for the band, who currently only have one full-length to their name.

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