Apple confirm September 7 announcement: iPhone 7 release coming

iPhone 7 release specs rumours Apple Watch 2
iPhone 7 release specs rumours Apple Watch 2

The unveiling of the iPhone 7 on Wednesday seems a near certainty, with Apple announcing a special keynote presentation on September 7.

Apple invited people to live stream the keynote at 10 am PDT, although they didn’t provide any additional information. Apple activated a verified Twitter account today with the same artwork as the announcement page. The account was created on September 2011 but lay dormant until today. It has already collected 140k followers despite not having made any Tweets yet.

New Beats products also expected at iPhone 7 launch

iPhone 7 release specs rumours Apple Watch 2 Beats solo 2
The Beats Solo 2.

New Beats products are expected to be announced at the event. Beats has been an Apple subsidiary since 2014. The audio quality of Beats headphones have since notably improved. posted a leaked email which stated:

“a selection of new Beats by Dre products will be unveiled”.

The screenshot of the email has since been removed from the site at the request of Beats.

Ongoing rumours suggest Apple will drop the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7. Reports based on leaked documents suggest the iPhone 7 Plus is shipping with Bluetooth “AirPod” earphones. The Airpods are reportedly fully wireless with no connecting wires. Some commentators have suggested the Airpod could be the new Beats product. It seems unlikely though as so far Apple have general kept the Beats and Apple headphone brands separate. The Beats headphones will likely be wireless and/or will use the Lightning jack.

If Apple drop the iPhone 7 jack from the iPhone 7, the only option will be using either wireless cans or headphones that connect via Apple’s proprietary Lightning jack. If the phone has a single Lightning jack, it would then be impossible to charge the phone while listening to wired headphones. SoundReview recently covered in-depth the ramifications of the death of the 3.5mm jack here.

Apple Watch 2 release announcement expected on September 7

iPhone 7 release specs rumours Apple Watch 2 image
The Apple Watch 2 could be announced the same day as the iPhone 7.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo, who has a decent track record with his Apple predictions, reports that the Apple Watch 2 will likely be revealed on the same day as the iPhone 7. Two models of the watch are expected to be released.

Kuo suggests the Apple Watch 2 will have the same general design as the current model. New features will include a thinner display, faster 16nm processor and GPS chip. The upgrades to the watch will require a larger battery. A recent video leak indicates a 1.35Wh battery. The original run featured a 0.94Wh or 0.78Wh battery capacity. Hopefully the GPS won’t be too power-hungry and the Apple Watch 2 will see an improvement over the single-day battery life of the original.

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