Basn Tempos Review – Best In-ear Monitors for $50?

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Basn has been making high performance headphones since 2009. Today we’re looking at the Basn Tempos in-ear monitor headphones, which cross the line between professional monitoring and personal use. The Tempos are noise isolating (blocking 38 dB) and optimised for deep bass. Basn offer a $50 model without a volume control and a $60 model with an integrated volume control. You get a lot of bang for your buck with either option, and the Tempos may just be the best in-ear monitors in their price-range.

Who is the Basn Tempos for?

The Basn Tempos are in-ear monitors with the build quality and features to be used onstage, although they can also be used as an everyday wear. If you need monitoring for pro audio purposes on a budget these could be a good choice. Even if you aren’t a musician, these would be attractive to anyone who wants a solid noise isolating set of in-ear headphones.

Superb audio

Basn Tempos in-ear monitor headphones review plugs
The Basn Tempos have a detachable cable.

Basn have presented a superb audio experience here, especially given the affordable price range. The Tempos offer a broad frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz. They are marketed as being optimised for deep bass and don’t disappoint in this department. The Tempos present a full, satisfying bass, while still retaining details in the mids and highs. As a result they work well across a range of musical styles. Additionally, the amount of isolation and bass response you get from the in-ears can be controlled by which eartips you use, with the triple-layer eartips providing the most isolation and bass response.

Comfort is a mixed bag

Basn Tempos in-ear monitor headphones earpieces
The 3D printed earpieces without the eartips in place.

The Basn Tempos are reasonably comfortable, although the feel of bulky earpieces can take a bit of getting used to.  The nine eartip choices are a nice touch, and there should be something comfortable for everyone there. The 130cm cable is reinforced to provide greater durability. This will be a plus for a lot of users, but it is also more rigid than usual, which makes the movement of the cable against the skin distracting. The rigid design also means it’s also fiddly to curl the cable up for storage. As a result this nudges the design towards pro audio, rather than something focused on convenience for everyday listeners. Another benefit for pro audio users is the mouldable cable sections near the earpieces that help keep the earpieces firmly in place.

No shortage of eartip options

Basn Tempos in-ear monitor headphones eartips
The eartip options with the Tempos.

Basn have provided nine types of eartips, ranging from standard tips to dual layer and triple layer. You also get a cable clip and a tool for cleaning the earpieces. There’s no case of any kind, which is unusual, particularly for something intended for pro audio applications. If you buy the $60 version, you get an integrated mic and three-button control, while the $50 version has a single button control and mic. It’s also worth mentioning the earpieces can be separated from the cable via a two-pin connector. As a result, if you’re taking these on tour, you can bring along a replacement cable and get up and running quickly if you have any issues.

The best in-ear monitors for $50?

Basn Tempos in-ear monitor headphones cable
The Basn Tempos cable, earpiece cleaner and cable clip.

The Basn Tempos are an excellent design that offer a lot of value in an affordable package. The audio is balanced and punchy and the build is tough and stage-ready. You also get the advantages of a nine eartip options and a detachable cable. The cable however is a bit too rigid for ease of use as a daily wear and the earpieces are somewhat bulky. Overall, Basn have have arguably presented the best in-ear monitors on the market at the $50 price-point here.

Basn Tempos in-ear monitor headphones review main
Basn Tempos Review – Best In-ear Monitors for $50?
The Basn Tempos are in-ear monitors with punchy, balanced sound, and they only cost $50-60.
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Tough build
Balanced sound
Great value for money
Detachable cable
Nine eartip options
Bulky earpieces (if you want to use it as a daily wear)
Rigid cable rubs against skin and is not easy to roll up
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