Best Bluetooth Earphones Reviews

Bluetooth earphones are probably one of the most commonly bought consumer tech products. There’s absolutely loads out there and we’ve had our fair share also. Lots of different features, all varying in design like neck band earphones, ear-hooked earphones and true wireless.. The list goes on but its usually a similar pattern of obvious first glance differences. If you want headphones instead, check out our best Bluetooth headphones reviews. Otherwise, continue surfing through all the Bluetooth earphones we have waiting for you!

  • True wireless – A tempting idea especially with the charging case, this means without wires at all and separate earpieces. Using Bluetooth 4.2 and above since 2 earpieces need to pair for stereo sound.
  • Neckband Earphones – They have a joining cable or neckband which keeps in sync the stereo. It stops you from losing the earpieces, gives a better control scheme while connecting to devices via Bluetooth.
  • Wired earphones have a mini jack and do not have Bluetooth functionality.

Compatibility and Phone Calls

Some good knowledge to have is that with the Bluetooth 5.0 release, it allowed multiple devices to connect to each other. This is partly how True Wireless came to be, because you can sync each earphone together for Stereo.

Be aware that older phones may not be able to pair if the device Bluetooth is too far outdated from the choice of earphones. All things considered, you may want to make phone calls with the earphones, skip tracks etc with the earphone buttons. As long as your phone or Digital Audio Player has Bluetooth 4.2 and above, the earphone control scheme should work to answer calls. Best check online first though before buying, only to avoid disappointment if there’s button or pairing issues!

Best Bluetooth Earphones Reviewed

V-MODA Forza Metallo in-ear headphones review
The V-MODA Forza Metallo may just be the best neckband headphones on the market, with their crisp sound and intelligent design.
Detailed, hi-fi sound
Smart looks
Plenty of eartip options
Sweat and water resistant
Hard case would have been nice at this price point
Cables leading to ears are too long
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Sennheiser Momentum Free review
The Momentum Free sounds great, looks great and is a comfortable wear.
Balanced audio
Good looks
Wireless connection isn't great
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Sennheiser CX 700 BT header 1
The CX line has been around for a long time but Sennheiser have kept the best for last with this great-sounding neckband headphone.
Balanced, bass-focused audio
Four eartip options
10-hour battery life
Quality build
On the heavier side
Case doesn't provide much protection
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For active folks that use headphones during workouts, this is probably your #1 choice.
High quality Bluetooth audio
Easy to use
Secure fit and looks great
Secure fit takes time to optimize
Inconsistent stereo image
Somewhat expensive
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Bose Soundsport Wireless sports headphones header
The Bose Soundsport Wireless excellent sports headphone with a solid feature-set.
Stay firmly in place during workouts
Sweat and weather resistant
Lightweight design
Six-hour battery life
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Focal Spark Wireless review
The Focal Spark packs a powerful punch in the audio department and offers great value for money.
Punchy sound that retains balance
Easy to use
Sharp looks
Hardshell case included
Good value for money
Earpiece chassis is on the chunky side
Eartip sizing wasn't quite right (for me at least)
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Some people don’t like Bluetooth for lots of different reasons, fortunately we have a whole host of wired earphones reviews. Actually the prices now for wired are much better but as the demand rises and the availability falls, that will soon change.

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