Best Earphones Under £100 in 2015

Not everybody can afford the most expensive earphones so today we are going to look at a selection under £100. They will be numbered 1 to 4 as some are better than others but at the end of the day it all comes to personal preference. Obviously because the majority of the stuff we review we do not own, it is left to others judgement which isn’t always one hundred percent correct which is why we cover many different opinions and take the mean average and put it into our own words.

1. Bose SoundTrue £89.95

Bose SoundTrue In-ear Headphones With Case
Bose SoundTrue In-ear Headphones With Case

With the ear buds shaped like shark fins, the Bose Sound True earphones are very attractive to the average consumer. They are available in black white and metallic red colours which draw immediate attention to onlookers. There are two versions, one for iOS and the other for android devices. After receiving five star reviews on sites like Amazon, it is clear that they are definitely high-class earphones. Many of commented on its comfort, especially since they offer multiple ear tips which enable most to get a snug fit. The sound quality is great and reproduce sound without any attenuation meaning they do provide a very flat response.

2. Shure SE215 £65

shure se215 earphones zoom out
Shure Se215 Earphones worth £65

Now these were released in 2011, however they are still keeping up with today’s technology meaning there is still a market for them. Shure have provided some exquisite sound quality and the you will immediately notice the natural sounds the SE215 has to offer. There is one ‘but’ because the bass is slightly more pronounced in the mix. Luckily this isn’t something that will affect any listening experience. Some may even prefer it, booming bass is a requirement for some. Shure provides a variety of different ear plugs help you find that perfect fit. The SE215 is worth every penny, they might not be the perfect pair of headphones but they still stand above the generic brands.

3. Sennheiser CX 5.00G £69.37

sennheiser cx 5.00g
Sennheiser CX 5.00G Earphones

These earphones are relatively new and were released at the end of 2014. They are top of the range of the CX series and are priced the highest. They come with vibrant colours and a brushed metallic finish. The sound quality is superb, the drivers have nearly flat response and do not boost any frequency. The design of the earsphones are vented meaning you might not have complete isolation from the surrounding noise. Apart from that they are very comfortable and lightweight allowing you to listen to music throughout the day. There are two versions, the CX 5.00G for android and Windows devices the CX 5.00i for Apple devices. The reason for this is so that the in-line microphone works correctly for phone calls.

4. Sennheiser Momentum £89.99

sennheiser momentum in-ear close up
Sennheiser Momentum In-ear Headphones

Just like the Bose Soundtrue there are 2 different models, one for IOS and also Android, both with an inline mic for phone calls. The combination of a long, tangle free cable and glossy appearance makes the momentum very appealing to many. Its audio performance is impressive to the casual listener as they produce amazing, distortion free sound even at high volumes. If noisy environments are encountered, the noise isolation is quite good. Along with that, on purchase you can choose which ear tips you want, however unlike other manufacturers, they aren’t provided in the box to help you make a better fit. They do boost the treble slightly but this doesn’t affect the bass performance but it does mean there is no natural response which is what an active listener might be looking for. These are expensive for some and a little overpriced for what they are; that is why they are at the bottom of the list.

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