Best Speakers for Home

When you just want to sit back, relax and enjoy some TV, you need decent quality sound. The issue is, most people get used to the small speakers incorporated into their Television sets. Even though in reality, it sounds awful. To hear even spoken words, volume has to be up to the max! Distorted, tinny and cringe worthy to an audio buff like me, and also damaging to the ears.

So what are the best speakers for home? There’s a few routes you can go down. The most obvious would be a soundbar for ease of use and setup with an additional bass bin. By now you will have realised, its miles better than the default audio you get with your TV. Moreover, if you listen to music more often, there’s plenty of bookshelf speakers which produce hi-fidelity audio at reasonable price. These can be coupled with more speakers to achieve 5.1 surround sound, or if you’re forking out more cash, 7.1 Surround. As a result, you will be immersed in sound, just like your local cinema.

If this is out of your budget and you’re in a noisy environment check out the Best Bose Earphones. Keep clicking through to find what suits you when on the move or for watching films on your laptop! You could also opt in for portable bluetooth speakers instead.

It's really hard to go wrong with the MT-60D system.
Sleek, modern design
Top of the line sound
DSP processing in the already legendary PV1 subwoofer
Stands hide cables
Easy to add on more satellites
Somewhat expensive
Q Acoustics has done it again by making the best speakers that one can have at a sub £300 mark.
Very clear mids
Punchy bass
Near to none distortion
Balanced sound stage
Precise reproduction of instrumental audio
Premium cabinet made from high quality material
Improved driver cone material
Decoupled tweeter to eliminate distortion
2010i and 2020i seem to be redundant products
Low on space or cash? The Bose Solo 15 is a great option.
Great sound
Easy to use and setup
Lack of EQ
Not as good sounding as a real home theatre system
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Bose SoundTouch 520 speaker system pack
The Bose SoundTouch 520 is a great home theatre system that also has the option of being a music system, although it doesn't quite excel at the second task.
Good home theatre solution
Doubles as a music system
Easy to set-up
Links with other SoundTouch speakers
Doesn’t excel as a music system
SoundTouch app requires active internet connection
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Good investment for an existing system.
Good extension to an existing system
Solid construction
Excellent imaging
Stiff woofer resists distortion at high volume
Need a subwoofer to cover the low end
Highs can be shrill at high volume
Mid-range resonance at high volume
Sound better with DSP correction
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Bose Soundtouch 120 Cinema System
The SoundTouch 120 is a cosmetic upgrade to the CineMate 120 system that adds wireless support. The SoundTouch 120 is a good option if you are planning to buy you first home cinema system.
Mid-range home cinema system.
Integrated WiFi and Bluetooth support.
ADAPTIQ sound calibration.
Cosmetic upgrade to the CineMate 120 system
Lacks high-end features such as PhaseGuide sound radiators.
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