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Best Wired Earphones Reviews

best wired earphones
Wired Earphones plugged into to a 3.5mm Input

Ever since the release of Bluetooth Earphones, wired earphones were being replaced. Present day, some brands are still launching wired earphones, such as Fiio with the FH1. Most have stopped being manufactured because detachable cables meant that most users could switch between wired and wireless.

So why does this list still exist?

Well you can get great audio quality for a fraction of the original price. Also for the health conscious, some have their own reasons to believe Bluetooth is not safe.. the transmitter is not wanted in that instance. Sport versions are usually waterproof, others more audio focused and thus do not have protective measures against excessive sweat or rain.

Wired earphones still have that device compatibility problem, so controls have the chance of not working. As a result, its best to check before hand by searching online for full compatibility device lists. All the wired earphones listed use a 3.5mm jack, that means you’ll have to make sure you have that input. Kind of obvious but the simplest of things can catch you out.

There’s links where you can buy them at the bottom of every review. Over time, prices change and we can’t update all of them but there’s a good chance of a bargain.

Bose quietcomfort 20
It is really hard to find any good headphones that offer such high noise cancellation and yet provide rich sound in such a small form factor and for these facts, the price of £259 appears to be justified. Read full review
Mid tones can become muddy
Not entirely flat response
Ultimate Noise cancellation
Punchy bass
Crisp highs
Very sensitive speakers
Spare earphone tips
The FIIO FH1's deliver a superb and comfortable listening experience, at a reasonable price range. Read full review
Fiddly when changing over cables.
In some songs, the bass can be too heavy.
Good range of hardware
Comfortable for long periods of time
Great price for the sound quality.
Focal Spark wired review
The Focal Spark sounds great, looks great and is a solid contender in its price range.Read full review
Earphone chassis is too large
Hardcase is a tight fit
Focused, powerful audio response
Looks good
Tangle-free cable
Affordable but high quality
Hardcase included
Bose Soundtrue In-ear
For a relatively low price, Bose SoundTrue is giving us that flat response and great level of comfort, both of which are quite hard to find in the market at such a price point.Read full review
Cables are not non-tangling type
The ear buds could have a different shape
Very comfortable
Amazing price
Natural sound reproduction
Hard and sturdy carry case
Crisp highs and deep lows with balanced mids
Minimal distortion
sennheiser cx 300 II
With great sound isolation comes great responsibility, look after these and they will last long. Read full review
Expensive, fragile - can break easily so be careful.
Great comfortable fit, noise isolating and has good bass. Comes with a bonus pouch to put them in.
Amazing pair of hybrid earphones that deliver excellent audio performance and feel very comfortable once you wear them properly. Read full review
Sony's custom connectors on cables
Ear pieces are big
All plastic design
Some instrument details are lost
Good quality build
Dynamic driver
Wide bandwidth
Amazing bass
Flat and warm mids
Strong cables
Nice carry case with two internal pouches
Detachable cables
Very comfortable once you adjust the ear guides
Soft ear tips for more comfort and better sound
Bose Soundsport In-ear
If you are all up for the improved ruggedness and stability over SoundTrue, then definitely opt for the SoundSport version but expect no improvement in sound quality.Read full review
Little bit expensive
Crisp, clear sounds
Very rugged
weather sealed
Extra ear tips
sennheiser cx 281 earphones
Overall the majority love these earphones, with a few suggesting other earphones that they thought were better. As always some found that their beloved earphones broke, the average life span appears to be around two years which is pretty good.Read full review
Not for heavy bass themed music lovers.
Robust, sounds great and has lots of features.
Sennheiser CX 3.00 Earphones
The Sennheiser CX 3.00 earphones have a simple design well-suited to portable listening. They are targeted at the general listening public and have a tailored response suitable for modern popular music. They are significantly improved from the previous model.Read full review
Heavy bass response will turn some users off
Hard case is frustrating to use
Bass response makes them well-suited to modern popular music
Light, portable build
Upgraded physical design and durability
Tangle-free cable
Angled earpieces fit well
Beats Tour 2 Remote
The Beats Tour 2 will suit listeners of certain styles of modern music and general consumers. They look great and have excellent sports features. Not everyone will like the bass-heavy sound though.Read full review
Response is unbalanced
Not good value for money
Build quality is questionable
Seven eartip options
Stays put during exercise
Hardcase is a nice inclusion
Looks great
Bass response works well for some styles
Sennheiser 5.00G Earphones
An enjoyable set of earphones that offer comfort and above average listening experience while also providing that fashionable appearance that gives you some swag.Read full review
Vented design does not allow for complete isolation
Very comfortable
Flat frequency response drivers
Punchy bass
Nearly flat cables that do not tangle
Very light weight
In line controller is well built
Good design material
Physical appearance is much better
sennheiser earphones soundreview
Overall customers are impressed with the quality of these earphones, people of all ages use them and they are the best in the £30 price range. Read full review
Ear Adaptors can become displaced causing frequency leakage.
Low value
Sound isolating
The Sennheiser CX 2.00i is a fairly standard entry from the company, with the most notable feature being the inline mic and remote. They offer good sound for the price, although the model does have some issues with durability.Read full review
Can be prone to breakage or malfunction
No protective case included
Reasonably balanced sound
Angled earpiece for better fit
Good sound for the price
Mic and remote are useful
The Bose FreeStyle only offers sweat resistant earbuds while everything else is similar to SoundTrue earphones which makes the £25 price jump over the latter, unjustified. Read full review
Not entirely waterproof
Does not have that premium Bose look
Cables are thin and feel weak
Flat audio response
Light weight
Not very tight on ears
Sweat resistant buds
Thumping bass and excellently designed "bright" side with clean vocals make this ear-phone worth buyingRead full review
A little bit pricey
Would expect an additional pair of ear tips
Some music tracks can sound too bright
Vibrant mids
Bright highs
Strong cables that are tangle-free
Metallic ear pieces
Very low distortion even at high volume
Good looking (Swaggy) design
Wonderful, compact carry case with enough space to store 2 more earphones
Beats Urbeats in-ear headphones
The Beats urBeats are bold-looking, bass-heavy earphones with a remote and mic. Audiophiles will not find much to love but people who listen mainly to mainstream contemporary music may enjoy them.Read full review
Bass will be too prominent for some
Average durability
Brand premium added to price
Stylish looks
Good for certain styles
Remote and mic included
Tangle-free cable
sennheiser cx 215 earphones
The CX 215 is recommended because although it is similar to previous models consumers definitely had a better experience with these over the CX 200II.Read full review
Low quality mids, low impedance.
Great character, more durable than previous models.
Earbud sizes that come with Sennheiser CX 1.00
The Sennheiser CX 1.00 earphones are an entry-level model with no bells or whistles to speak off. The response is clear but is somewhat lacking in the bass department.Read full review
Limited bass response
Can be prone to ambient noise
Light and comfortable
No-nonsense design
Clear mids and highs
sennheiser cx 200 II earphones
Not saying you shouldn't buy them as customers do love these but if you want something slightly better overall then go for the previous Sennheiser CX 175 earphones.Read full review
Not suitable for walking or running, not long lasting either.
Good earphones for your average user.
Sennheiser CX 275s Earphones
The Sennheiser CX 275S offers good audio performance, although it has a fragile build and does not include volume controls.Read full review
No volume controls
Fragile and tangle-prone cable
Compatibility is not as universal as Sennheiser claim
Cheaper Sennheiser models have better feature sets
Audio quality is respectable
Microphone performs well
Compatible with both iOS and Android
Pouch design is better than some other Sennheiser models
The Sennheiser CX 686G provides an average audio experience and a quite good workout experience just as one can expect from sport earphonesRead full review
Lower bass is virtually non-existent
Cable quality is not that great
Fit snugly in the ears
Water and sweat resistant
Very comfortable
Anti-microbial coating to prevent stink
Balanced sound
Monster iSport Strive in-ear headphones
The Monster iSport Strive delivers a great audio performance for the price and allows you to focus on your workout rather than the buds. Read full review
All plastic construction
Debatable comfortability factor
Weaker bass
Distortion at high volume
Secure fit
Good Performance for price ratio
Solid looks that stand out
Wide sound stage
Sennheiser MX 686G Sports Earphones
The Sennheiser MX 686G is somewhat of an unconventional design that works well for sports purposes. The audio response is not particularly impressive though.Read full review
Average audio performance
No extra ear adaptor options
Ear hooks can be uncomfortable
Tangle-free cable
Limited isolation good for running
Adjustable ear hooks
Sweat and water-proof
Included case and accessories
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