Best Wired Earphones Reviews

best wired earphones
Wired Earphones plugged into to a 3.5mm Input

Ever since the release of Bluetooth Earphones, wired earphones were being replaced. Present day, some brands are still launching wired earphones, such as Fiio with the FH1. Most have stopped being manufactured because detachable cables meant that most users could switch between wired and wireless.

So why does this list still exist?

Well you can get great audio quality for a fraction of the original price. Also for the health conscious, some have their own reasons to believe Bluetooth is not safe.. the transmitter is not wanted in that instance. Sport versions are usually waterproof, others more audio focused and thus do not have protective measures against excessive sweat or rain.

Wired earphones still have that device compatibility problem, so controls have the chance of not working. As a result, its best to check before hand by searching online for full compatibility device lists. All the wired earphones listed use a 3.5mm jack, that means you’ll have to make sure you have that input. Kind of obvious but the simplest of things can catch you out.

There’s links where you can buy them at the bottom of every review. Over time, prices change and we can’t update all of them but there’s a good chance of a bargain.

Bose quietcomfort 20
It is really hard to find any good headphones that offer such high noise cancellation and yet provide rich sound in such a small form factor and for these facts, the price of £259 appears to be justified.
Ultimate Noise cancellation
Punchy bass
Crisp highs
Very sensitive speakers
Spare earphone tips
Mid tones can become muddy
Not entirely flat response
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The FIIO FH1's deliver a superb and comfortable listening experience, at a reasonable price range.
Good range of hardware
Comfortable for long periods of time
Great price for the sound quality.
Fiddly when changing over cables.
In some songs, the bass can be too heavy.
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Focal Spark wired review
The Focal Spark sounds great, looks great and is a solid contender in its price range.
Focused, powerful audio response
Looks good
Tangle-free cable
Affordable but high quality
Hardcase included
Earphone chassis is too large
Hardcase is a tight fit
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sennheiser cx 281 earphones
Overall the majority love these earphones, with a few suggesting other earphones that they thought were better. As always some found that their beloved earphones broke, the average life span appears to be around two years which is pretty good.
Robust, sounds great and has lots of features.
Not for heavy bass themed music lovers.
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Bose Soundtrue In-ear
For a relatively low price, Bose SoundTrue is giving us that flat response and great level of comfort, both of which are quite hard to find in the market at such a price point.
Very comfortable
Amazing price
Natural sound reproduction
Hard and sturdy carry case
Crisp highs and deep lows with balanced mids
Minimal distortion
Cables are not non-tangling type
The ear buds could have a different shape
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sennheiser cx 300 II
With great sound isolation comes great responsibility, look after these and they will last long.
Great comfortable fit, noise isolating and has good bass. Comes with a bonus pouch to put them in.
Expensive, fragile - can break easily so be careful.
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