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Beyerdynamic announce flagship DT 1990 PRO reference headphones

Beyerdynamic announce flagship DT 1990 PRO reference headphones

by Stephen Charlton2016/07/26

Beyerdynamic have announced their new DT 1990 PRO reference headphones (official listing here). The open-back flagship model is priced at €599 and will premiere at the IFA trade show in Berlin (September 2-7). There’s no word on US or UK pricing but direct conversion results in $658 or £501.

The DT 1990 PRO is intended for mixing, mastering and critical listening. The wired headphones are handmade in Germany and feature a 250 ohms, 45-mm dynamic Tesla neodymium driver. They have a detachable cable with a mini-XLR connector and soft earpads and headband for long studio sessions. Two pairs of velour ear pads are included with different sound characteristics (balanced and analytical), along with two cables (3m straight and 5m coiled cable). The 370g cans also come with a hard case.

DT 1990 PRO offers broad frequency response

Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO reference headphones angle

The Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO reference headphones.

The headphone frequency response is 5-40,000 Hz and the impedance is 250 ohms. The circumaural (around the ear) headphones have a nominal SPL of 102 dB (1mW / 500Hz) and a max SPL of 125 dB (200mW / 500Hz)

The drivers are built on the latest Telsa technology. Beyerdynamic state that they deliver:

“Brilliant highs, a richly detailed midrange and precise bass combine to ensure sublime sound quality that is second to none… the high-resolution Tesla drivers ensure a wide, dynamic and extremely natural stereo image.”

Tesla transducers are also featured in the Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO, which is a closed-back design suitable for loud environments.

The DT 1990 PRO has titanium-coated acoustic fabric and precision-woven textiles for balanced sound quality. The earpads feature memory foam for comfort. The company state that the open-back design provides natural and exceptionally spatial sound.

Beyerdynamic Pro series reaches back to 1980s

Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Beyerdynamic DT 1990 PRO

The Beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO.

The Beyerdynamic Pro series have been found in studios across the world since the early ’80s. The new model builds off the DT 990 PRO, which hails from that decade. The specs are similar in many ways, although the new model expands on the 5Hz-35kHz response offered by the DT 990 PRO. The cable set-up has also changed. The older version has a single non-detachable cable with a mini-jack plug and a 1/4″ adapter. The DT 990 PRO is also a hell of a lot cheaper at £111.33 (€133) on Thomann or $199.99 on Musician’s Friend.


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