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Bose Soundlink III Bluetooth Speaker


The Bose Soundlink Bluetooth speaker III is the newest model available for purchase. It is better because it addresses the issues that occurred with previous models. Now it lasts up to 14 hours thanks to a rechargeable lithium ion battery but does weigh three times heavier than the sound link mini at 1.37 kg.

soundlink_III 2

The battery lasts up to 14 hours on a single charge, a 30% increase over the previous model.

The sound link III has a button on the top which you can press and connect devices to it with Bluetooth. It can remember up to 6 devices so you can reconnect easily. It has a micro USB for primarily Bluetooth software updates and an aux input for plugging in your device directly rather than using battery consuming Bluetooth. You can stream music services like spot fine as long as the device you’re using has Bluetooth and is within 9 m, the max distance that you can wirelessly play music. This speaker has better quality audio than the smaller more compact sound like mini which is expected. You will find that is it able to play louder and has better bass reproduction but of course you have to pay for that, retail from £259.95. Some people were angry that Bose didn’t bother to include an aux in cable (not really a big deal you can pick up an auxin cable for a very low price), they were also concerned with the fact that there was no volume display but that’s not a new thing. From reading customer responses, they were impressed, I’m impressed and even more impressed by the fact that it is compatible with 24 bit flac files unlike ‘cough’ Sonos. If you want to protect your sound link kit, there is an option of spending another £30 on five different colour options of soft cover cases.

soundlink_III_large cases

A couple of things I should bring up is that Bose had no online support service so if anything goes wrong then you are going to have trouble in that area. People complain that it’s ‘supposed to be a 14 hour battery life’, it is by not if you constantly use the Bluetooth function otherwise you will be lucky to get seven hours. I would say they were just misinformed!

soundlink_III 3

Sound quality85
Worth it?90
Reader Rating5 Votes90
Battery longer lasting, speaker goes louder and has improved clarity.
No aux in cable supplied, battery lasts less time when bluetooth is on.
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