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Bose have been steadily improving on their designs generation by generation. Their Soundsport Wireless in-ear got rave reviews, so of course we had to see what the fuss is about. It turns out they have presented a comfortable, sports-ready headphone here with the typical balanced Bose audio. For a wider selection, go to the best bluetooth earphones reviews.

The Soundsport Wireless is a neckband design with a lightweight cable that tethers the earpieces together. It’s sweat and weather resistant so they’re a natural choice for your workout. Of course weather resistant is a fair hop from waterproof, so I wouldn’t be leaving them by the pool or anything. The eartips are winged to keep them in place and are not noise isolating. As a sports headphone this can be useful so you don’t get flattened while pounding the pavement. The headphone provides six hours of battery life from a two-hour charge cycle.

Balanced audio

The Soundsport Wireless audio showcases the typical Bose balanced profile. They aren’t trying to give it an audiophile sound, but they also avoid the temptation to massively hype the bass or treble. The result is a sound that’s suitable across a wide range of genres. That said, the low end is noticeably boosted, bringing forward the bass lines in a pleasant fashion. There’s definitely in-ears at this price-point that have better clarity and layer separation. Unfortunately, no frequency response specs are listed by Bose to make an accurate comparison.

Eartips stay in place for any workout

Bose Soundsport Wireless sports headphones
The Bose Soundsport Wireless.

You get three eartip size options, each with integrated wingtips. This design means they stay firmly in place for workouts.  The gap between small and medium was greater than I’d like it to be; a fourth size in-between them would have been a better fit for me. Moving to other parts of the design, the cable tethering the earpiece together is light and doesn’t present any issues. The earpieces are large and stick out a bit, but I think they look good nonetheless. They also don’t present a weight issue while wearing them.

Easy to use control scheme

Bose Soundsport Wireless sports headphones earpiece
The Soundsport Wireless remote.

There’s an on/off button on the right earpiece and a three-button remote for controlling audio and calls. The buttons are made tough but are a bit too stiff to push for my liking. The integrated mic provides clear audio for calls as you’d expect from a $150 headphone. Bose have also provided the Free Connect app for additional control. The app provides a Find My Buds function, device selector and the ability to customise the standby timer controls and voice prompts. The earphones work perfectly fine without the app though.

Soft case only

Bose Soundsport Wireless sports headphones accessories
The Bose Soundsport Wireless accessories.

The included accessories are a soft case with carabiner, cable clip, 30cm charging cable and of course the eartip size alternatives. While the case looks nice it doesn’t provide much protection. At this price, a hardcase would be appreciated.

Perfect as a sports headphone

Bose Soundsport Wireless sports headphones eartips
The three eartip sizes.

Bose have presented a very well-tailored sports headphone here. Some brands claim to make sports headphones, but release products that will wriggle around and fall off when you actually exercise. The Soundsport Wireless doesn’t have this problem – it stays put no matter what you’re doing. Bose have ironed out earlier sweat-proofing problems they had with the model and the current release will let you work hard without worrying about the state of your electronics. The light neckband also avoids presenting any annoyances during workouts.

Soundsport wireless review verdict

The Bose Soundsport Wireless has a lot going for it. It’s an excellent sports headphone with a solid feature-set. Although there are better audio performers in this price range, the Soundsport presents the balanced response Bose is known for. You only get six hours of battery life, which isn’t great. Often lightweight neckband headphone designs do result in a shorter battery life. With the smart physical design of the headphone, it’s definitely one of the best sports in-ears on the market at the moment.

  • Headphones (without cable):3.05 cm H x 2.5 cm W x 3.05 cm D (23 g)
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Battery life: 6 hours per full charge
Bose Soundsport Wireless sports headphones header
Bose Soundsport Wireless
The Bose Soundsport Wireless excellent sports headphone with a solid feature-set.
Sound quality
Worth it?
Reader Rating46 Votes
Stay firmly in place during workouts
Sweat and weather resistant
Lightweight design
Six-hour battery life
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