Decoka DK100 Review: ANC in-ear headphones


The Decoka DK100 is the most recent pair of noise-cancelling earphones, manufactured by Linner. Whilst these headphones are not under the brand name of Linner, they are still manufactured by the Californian brand. Similar to the Linner NC50 I recently wrote about, the DK100’s combine a fantastic price with a great listening experience.

DK100 Review: What’s in the box?

Included in the box are two variations of ear-tips- in-ear tips or hooks. The hooks make a great addition when exercising, as they stay firmly in place and don’t slip out of the ear canal. Whilst the in ear-tips are perfect for everyday use, due to their comfort and size. Also, The 3.5mm cable is coated in strong and rigid rubber, adding to the overall resilience of the product.

Inside the box you’ll also find a felt case, to keep your headphones secure, and a USB charging cable.

Functionality, useful features and a potential iPhone issue

The monitor and ANC functions work fantastically on the Decoka DK100, but I did find a slight issue when syncing the headphones with my iPhone 6 and Spotify. It seems that the volume up/down button didn’t actually have an effect on the audio, and I was unable to skip/pause songs. Whilst this could be due to my iPhone not being in the best condition, I also tested it with a friends iPhone and found that similar issues also occurred.

Another slight grievance is the size of the ANC unit. When using the headphones during a workout I found that it sometimes got in the way, however, for day to day use, the unit fits perfectly into my trouser pockets, posing no issues at all.

Same great active noise cancellation

For the clearest listening experience with the Decoka DK100’s, you’ll want the ANC unit switched on, and the monitor mode activated. When these settings are applied, you’ll hear the highest sound quality, whilst fully enjoying these headphones as they’re meant to be heard. It seems the biggest difference between the monitor mode being on, versus off, is the overall volume. On the other hand, the ANC function works incredibly well, cutting out a large part of the low-end frequencies. Making Linner’s claim, of affordable ANC headphones, very accurate.

Although I had functionality issues with the buttons, I did find that the microphone sound quality was superb. The ANC feature made a significant impact on the overall sound quality of my conversations, whilst cutting out unwanted audio interferences during loud train trips – a fantastic feature!

Decoka ANC Unit

Monitor mode adds strength to bass

The tonality of the headphones is fantastic. The low’s, mids and highs are incredibly balanced, with the monitor mode further adding to the strength of the bass. A slight issue I found with the sound is that when the monitor mode is switched off, some strength seems to be lost in the mids and highs. Nonetheless, it’s nothing too drastic, and when the headphones run out of juice, you’ll still be able to keep listening at a somewhat decent level of sound quality.

Long lasting battery life and great sound when they’re dead

On the box, the Deckoca Dk100’s claim to have a battery life of 20 hours. Upon testing, I found this to be highly accurate and as mentioned before, the sound quality is fair when the headphones run out of power.

Decoka DK100 VS. Linner NC50

Overall, I was impressed with the Decoka Dk100’s and found that the sound quality was significantly better than the Linner NC50. I also found the ANC feature worked better in general, adding to the overall quality of audio playback. Whilst compared to the higher-end ANC headphones, such as the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, there is obviously a step down in sound quality. However, at the price range, you’re really getting a great deal with the Decoka DK100’s.

If I was to pick a pair of earphones which would be my go-to for exercising I would choose the NC50’s as the Bluetooth connectivity makes for a cable-free experience. Although, when it comes to the sound quality, comfort and look, overall, the DK100 wins.

Decoka Headphones

Decoka DK100 review conclusion

To summarise, these headphones are worth the money you’ll spend on them. The ANC works great and they are incredibly comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of use, especially when selecting the right ear-tips. If Linner decides to create a version 2.0 of the Decoka’s I’d like to see a slightly smaller ANC unit and a wider range of colour variations. Furthermore, if the headphones can be tweaked slightly so that when they run out of power, the sound quality does not suffer as much, then these headphones would be near perfect for their price range.

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  • Active Noise Cancelling ANC Headphones
  • 97% (28dB) Ambient Noise Reduction
  • 3.5mm Jack In-Ear Wired Design
  • Awareness Monitor Mode
  • Up to 20 Hours ANC Power ON Playtime
  • Rechargeable ANC Function Battery
  • Impedance 32
  • Frequency Range 10Hz-22kHz
  • Weight 33g


The Decoka DK100 live up to their marketing, as an affordable pair of earphones, which have ANC technology implemented.
Sound quality
Worth it?
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Amazing price.
Fantastic tonality.
A diverse choice of earbuds.
Comfortable and easy to use.
20 hours of battery is accurate.
Potential compatibility issues.
Sound quality is reduced when not charged.
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