Best Sports Earphones 2015

If you live in England right now you might be thinking, when is there going be a good day to go outside for a run. The short answer is probably never, luckily places like gyms exist which don’t rely on the weather. That’s the first thing, the second thing would be, what earphones am I going to use now as the last ones no longer work, I wonder why that is? And the reason for that is most likely because they were not sweat resistant and also not designed for vigorous exercise that could rattle them to bits. Fortunately this article should give you some insight into the best sports earphones in 2015!

1.Bose SoundSport £129

Bose Soundsport In-ear Headphones controls
Bose Soundsport In-ear Headphones with in-line controls

Designed by Bose, these are the earphones of choice for many even though they are very expensive. As mentioned before, sweat resistance is of utmost importance, hydrophobic fabric ensures bodily fluids are repelled. The ear tips fit really well helping block external noise but not too much to affect your awareness of surroundings. Bursting with colour, the sound sports series have a really nice appearance and with the fin shaped earpieces they take on the resemblance of the shark which lately has been the latest fashion.

The Sound Sport is very similar to the sound true earphones, the only difference being that one is sweat resistant and one is not. The sound quality is very good and there is no attenuation or boosting of any kind meaning a flat response. This is what most audiophiles are looking for because you can hear the true sound of soundtracks.

2. Jaybird Bluebuds X £80

Jaybird z blue buds

Unlike Bose, Jaybird display their specifications so we can actually look at whether the Blue Buds have decent Hardware. The price difference is quite dramatic for what you get. Similar to the Bose soundsport, we’re back to the shark fins on the earphones. However even though it is pretty much the same, the appearance is quite different and the ear pieces are much longer, mainly because there’s a micro-USB slot hiding right on the back. You know what this means don’t you? They are actually wireless which means you have no cables and are entitled to distraction free the exercise session thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity and long battery life (eight hours to be exact). The manufacturers have added quite large 10mm drivers which enables these to have a distortion less sound maintaining a healthy sound performance. These may be a better match for you if you’re into more hard-core workouts; as demonstrated in many of their promotional videos.

3. JLab Epic Bluetooth Earbuds £64

Jlab wireless earbuds

JLab earphones are very similar to the Jaybird earphones that have written about above. The main difference is that the use slightly different parts, cheaper in fact which reflects on the price of £64. This is great if you are really short on cash, but it will mean that the sound quality isn’t as fantastic as it could be. Still, they are really good in comparison to what is out there on the market at the moment regardless of the fact that the audio is very bass heavy. Now of course like most earphones they’re sweat resistant, it is kind of cool how you can just wash them under the tap after use to keep them clean too. Just like the jaybird earbuds they are wireless which can be really useful with complex exercises such as wall climbing or any other intensive movements. The big upside with these is that they last 10 hours which is really a very long time. The downside is that the microphone isn’t very good, but be honest should you really be talking to someone when exercising? Sometimes it’s important to focus on what you doing so this might not be a problem to you.



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