Extend your earphone life with fantastic comply foam tips

We all have the problem of degrading earphone tips making our listening experience very bad. Many high quality earphones become useless because their earphone tips ware out or they don’t fit perfectly in your ears. There are many reasons for a good quality earphones to not work as you expect them to.

There are quite a few companies that make these tips which provide amazing listening experience and comfort. Ear phone tips come in various shapes and they are made from various kinds of materials. Some are made from rubber, some from foam and the list can go on. The problem with rubber ear tips is that they can prevent any air flow to your ears causing sweat to accumulate and that can be very disgusting. Apparently, foam ear tips are the best with good noise isolation and comfort.

Comply Foam manufactures great quality ear phone tips at a very low cost. In fact, they specialise in producing only tips for various ear phone manufacturers such as Shure, Monster, Apple, Skullcandy, Sennheiser, Sony, beats, and many others. Comply Foam tips come in 5 different categories based on their performance; Active, Isolation, Isolation Plus, Comfort and Comfort Plus.


Active Tips

They are made from foam and mould themselves to the shape of your ear canal. A perfect pair of the Active Comply Foam tips can fit perfectly in your ears and are suitable for people who like to move a lot. The foam tips feel cheap, but even after lot of use there is not much wear and tear.

Since these are foam tips there is some level of air circulation which helps in reducing sweat formation. The downside of the foam tips is that the noise isolation is not that great, but it is acceptable. Among the Active tips category, the S-400 Compy Foam tip is quite popular among earphone users. As you might have noticed, the active tips are sold under the S-Series.

Isolation and Isolation Plus

isolation plus
Isolation Plus

These ear phone tips are specifically made to isolate noise and also prevent any kind of sound leakage from your tips. This is achieved by making the foam a little denser as compared to the Active tips. Comply Foam claims that they use a special design to channel the sound directly in to your ear canals which also helps in preventing sound leakage.

Apart from that, the ear phone tips are made from heat sensitive foam which expands when heat it senses heat of your ears, making a snug fit.

The only difference between the Isolation and the Isolation plus tips is that the Isolation plus tips have extra wax guard which keeps ear wax away from the earphone drivers. This is achieved by a thin, porous film at the opening of the tip.

The ear phone tips are not supposed to manipulate the sound coming out from the speakers, unfortunately that is not the case with the Isolation plus category tips. The foam and the wax guard absorb the high frequency sounds which make cymbals sound muffled and blunt instead of appearing sharp and clear. This is a big flaw in these tips even if the muffling is not that harsh. Nevertheless, no ear phone tips should manipulate the sound in anyway. what’s eve worse about these tips is that they wear out rather quickly compared to silicon tips. It would be a big waste of £15 just to buy earphone tips that wear out in a couple of months or even faster. The Isolation series is sold under the T-series, while isolation-plus under TX-series label.

Comfort and Comfort Plus

Comfort Tips

As the name suggests, these earphone tips are designed to provide comfort and some level of isolation from noise. The comfort plus tips are the most expensive tips among all the other categories costing approximately £17 to £18. The tips are shaped differently as compared to other ear tips and while all other tips are slightly conical in shape and become narrow towards your ear canal, the Comfort category tips are curvy. Being so curvy, they are quite soft since they are made from fine quality memory foam that takes shape of your ear canal to form a snug fit.

Similar to the Isolation Plus tips, the Comfort Plus also add an extra wax guard which is absent in the non-plus version. The non-plus version also costs significantly less than the plus version. I would highly recommend getting the non-plus version if you are not worried about wax accumulating in your tips. Please note that the plus version is sold under TSX-series, whereas the non-plus version is sold under TS-series.

 Note on selecting a proper Comply Foam tip for your brand of earphones.

All the Comply Foam tips are solder under 4 different model numbers, mainly 100, 200, 400 and 500. Each number of model represents compatibility with a specific brand of earphones. This PDF document from Comply Foam applies for all the categories of earphone tips even if it is mentioned that it is for “S-series”. Each time you buy a tip under any category, you get 3 pairs of the same size, which should easily last for several months under normal use.

After looking at all the 5 categories, it becomes apparent that the Active tips (S-series) are quite cost effective and worth the money, while the Isolation (T-series) tips are second on the list.


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