Jabees BSport Wireless (Bluetooth) Earphones Review

Jabees BSport wireless earphones
Jabees BSport Bluetooth Earphones
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Most of the sports earphones we have reviewed come at a price that will make a dent in your pocket. Sounding good is one thing and staying put in your ears is another. It is hard to find one that does both. The Jabees BSport Bluetooth earphones come at a mere $30 and produces decent sound. Whether they stay in your ears during your heavy workout is a question that needs to be answered. Apart from that, the Jabees BSport earphones are known to be waterproof making them sweat resistant. Let us dive in and find out whether it is really worth your $30. Update: Not the sound quality you were looking for? Recently Stephen covered in the Bose Soundsport Wireless review saying it had much better usability due to the shark fin design.

Jabees BSport simplistic design

Being wireless earphones, there are no long cables running across your chest. This eliminates the problem of noise being produced because of cables brushing against your body. A short cable connects the two ear pieces together and a tiny cable tie is used to adjust the length of the cable. This allows you to avoid having any lose cables. The cable is supposed to run behind your head thereby giving you freedom of movement.

Jabees BSport Wireless Earphones
Jabees BSport Wireless Earphones

The earpieces hook over your ears with the help of a silicon hook and the ear tips ensure a snug fit in your ear canal. Two more pairs of ear tips having different size are provided for people with different ear canal size. The actual ear plug vents are angled to fit properly in your ears.

We have reviewed some wireless earphones previously. Some designs had the Bluetooth and the battery fixed along the cable where it hangs behind your head, while some earphones have it all inside the ear pieces. Similarly, the Jabees BSport earphones house the battery and the Bluetooth in the ear pieces. The earpieces extend outward and expand into a rectangular enclosure that houses all the stuff. On one of the ear pieces, you will find the USB input with which you can charge the battery and there is a ON/OFF switch as well. On the other ear piece, you will find volume rocker and a call answer button. The same volume rocker can be used to skip music tracks.

Jabees Bsport wireless earphones
Bsport close-up of earbuds, controls and charging inputs.

The NFC pairing hardware is also present in one of the ear pieces which allows for easy pairing with your mobile device. The rectangular enclosure of the earpieces has a black glossy surface everywhere except for the coloured edges. Although the device only costs $30, the material used for construction appears to be quite rugged and does not feel cheap at all. It is waterproof as they claim it to be. A cheaply made earphone would defeat that purpose. The earphones feel quite light in weight which is ideal for workouts because you do not want them falling off while you are all pumped up.

Performance is proportional to money

A lot of people are skeptical about the performance of a $30 Bluetooth earphone that is meant for workout. Trying these out for once has changed their scepticism into satisfaction, not for all, at least for the majority. A single charge will keep the Jabees BSport earphones running for 4 to 5 hours straight. Many users happen to have issues with the Bluetooth connectivity if they keep the phones in their pockets, whereas, for some it works just fine. Try changing the location of your phone if that happens. If you are working out in a room, keeping the phone away from you would be the best option.

For a casual workout that does not involve too much movement, the ear hooks seem to do their job quite well in keeping the earphones glued into your ears. The moment you switch from jogging to sprinting, they are going to fall off. The Jabees BSport Bluetooth earphones might work just fine if you do your workout in a slow to moderate rhythm, but it is not guaranteed whether they will really stay in place for a fast rhythm workout. You do not need to worry about sweat because these earphones are really waterproof.

Jabees Bsport wireless earbud
Jabees BSport controls to skip tracks and answer calls.

The audio quality with the Jabees BSport Bluetooth earphones is quite better as compared to a similar headsets in this price range. Sound is loud and clear, there is enough bass to drive you to the limits during a workout. So much so that they might end up falling off your ears!

The emphasis on the bass does not seem to leak into the mids thus making them sound quite well balanced. Often times, we see a bass heavy earphone masking the mid frequencies and then the music may sound somewhat hollow. We saw this phenomena with Soundpeats Q9A, which is a wireless earphones with a much smaller footprint. If the bass heaviness bothers you, go ahead and tweak the equalizer on your phone. Even at higher volumes, there does not seem to be any distortion. It will be very wrong to expect too much from a low cost Bluetooth earphones.

Jabees Bsport wireless earphone
Close-up of Jabees BSport earpiece

Whether you will love them or hate them depends on your taste. If you prefer a solid product, throw some more money and get something like Jaybird X2 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones.


For less than $30, the Jabees BSport seems to offer good value for your money. Rugged and waterproof body along with good audio performance will definitely keep you happy during a moderate intensity workout. They do have some flaws, what doesn’t? If you are looking for a temporary alternative to your broken workout earphones, Jabees BSport is where you should be throwing your money at.


  • Bluetooth V4.1, class II (CSR Solution)
  • Up to 20 meters in working distance (open space)
  • Bluetooth profiles: HFP /HSP/A2DP/AVRCP
  • Up to 6 hours talk time
  • Up to 5 hours music playback time
  • Up to 100 hours standby time
  • Comfort Fit for Workout: Your ultimate comfortable choice for wireless music and call when training
  • Sweat Proof: Designed to withstand the most intensive workout conditions.
  • aptX Technology: Delivers CD­quality wirelessly over Bluetooth.
  • Dual­Microphone: Dual, high­performance mics deliver superb noise
  • cancellation, so calls come in crystal clear
  • NFC for Quick Connection.
  • Voice prompt in English&Chinese
  • Multipoint: Supports 2 phones connection
  • Battery meter on iPhone
  • Support VOIP, connect with computer for online chat.
  • Voice dialing/Redialing
  • Product dimension: 33.07 X 24.17 X 31.15mm
  • Weight: 20g
  • What’s in the box
  • 1 X Pouch
  • 2 X Earhook (S,L)
  • 3 X Earbuds (S.M.L)
  • X USB cable
  • 1 X Cable cinch
  • 1 X User manual
  • Packing information
  • Quantity each carton: 50pcs
  • Carton dimension: 72*41*20.5CM
  • Carton N.W: 6.25kgs; CTN G.W: 7.25kgs
Jabees BSport wireless earphones
Jabees BSport Bluetooth V4.1 Sweatproof Waterproof Sports Stereo Headphones
Jabees BSport Bluetooth earphones cost only $30 they offer waterproof body, wireless connectivity and satisfactory audio performance to keep you pumped during a workout.
Sound quality
Worth it?
Reader Rating27 Votes
Waterproof body
Soft ear tips
Runs for 5 hours on a single charge
Loud and clear
Bluetooth may malfunction at times
Earpiece cable should be longer
May fall off during intense workout or sprinting
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