LG heart rate monitoring earphone review

lg heart rate monitoring earphones
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Biomedical sensors on smartphones and other portable devices is a quite common thing these days. In fact, almost all the consumer electronic companies are designing products which have the capability to measure heart rate, oxygen saturation and help the user keep record of his health. It is quite useful for those health conscious people who like to keep statistics of their body parameters. The last few iterations of the Samsung Galaxy S series had the inbuilt infra red heart rate sensor just below the rear camera. To measure your heart rate you need to place your finger across the sensor and wait for the app to calculate the heart rate. The main problem with this is you cannot monitor the heart rate continuously. Those who desire to keep track of how fast their heart beats while jogging they need something more usable.

This is where the LG heart rate monitoring earphone comes into the picture. Most people who go on a morning walk or a running session like to put on their earphones and listen to music while they are at it and if you happen to be a health freak, LG heart rate monitoring earphones are something you are going to love. With wireless bluetooth based audio transmission and the accurate infra red heart rate sensor embedded into the earphones can monitor your heart rate and also let you listen to your music. It is a two in one device. The main advantage of having this earphone is you now do not need to own a separate heart rate monitor. The data gets logged in the android or iOS application which you can definitely view at a later time. It also comes with a nice little 200mAh battery which lasts for 4 hours if you are using the HRM and playing music at the same time. The aptX hands free technology also allows you to receive calls on the go.

According to user reviews, the heart rate monitor is very accurate. The design is water resistant, but that does not mean you can submerge it under water. It is water resistant as long as it has to deal with just your sweat and not your swimming pool. The bad thing about the design being the long wire connected to some square device which apparently contains the circuitry for heart rate monitor and also the 200mAh battery. Being a bluetooth wireless earphone, it is undesirable to have a long wire hanging around it. The square match box shaped device also has the bluetooth transceiver circuitry for receiving audio from your phone and also for transmitting the heart rate data back to your phone to be displayed on the app. Pairing this gadget with your smartphone is quite painless and takes very little time.

The two ear pieces are asymmetrical in design and also feel quite difficult to be inserted into your ears. There is a proper way to use these earphones. You cannot just pop them in your ear and expect them to work. To get that deep bass sound to hit your ears, you need to screw them in your ears as far as you can. The sound quality is amazing and the additional HRM is a nice little feature to have. A person with small ears might not be able to get the earphones working as expected and it seems to be a problem with no real solution. Quite a few people are disappointed about the sound quality, but a lot of others are pretty happy about it.

The problem comes with the application. LG has made it so that you need to login to the app every time you open it. In case you do not have internet access and want to use the heart rate monitor, you would not be able to do so because you cannot login to the app without internet and your heart rate monitor will not work without first logging in to the app.

The application in itself is quite feature filled. You can plot graphs and check your heart rate history. There are small calculators available to approximately calculate the calories you burnt. The GPS feature also tracks your location and plots it on a map. If you are a person who likes to set healthy goals, the app lets you do even that.

This product is definitely worth buying if you are really interested in having great audio quality and accurate heart rate monitor which does not feel uncomfortable. Unlike all other heart rate monitors which need to be attached around your chest, this one goes straight into your ear. LG has truly achieved a unique wearable device which sets itself apart from all the others.

The worst thing is that you cannot measure your heart rate if you do not have Internet connection

I really like this product! Earbuds are very comfortable! They fit very securely. They sound tremendously better than my wired buds.

The earbud has a PerformTek sensor in it, which is proven to accurately measures heart rate continuously during intense exercise. 

This is a Bluetooth headset, but it has a long wire coming down to a dongle.

  • LED Display
  • Optical Sensor, Triaxial Acceleration Sensor
  • Water Resistant
  • aptX® Sound Quality
  • Play, Pause, Previous Song, Next Song, Volume +/-
  • Batter Status (When powered on, or checking the battery)
  • Measuring time, Consumed Calories, Distance, Speed, Pace, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Zone
  • Workout Start, End, Time, Consumed Calories, Distance, Speed, Pace, Heart Rate, Heart Rate Zone, Goal Achievement Notification
  • VO₂Max
  • Android and iPhone

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lg heart rate monitoring earphones
LG heart rate monitoring earphone
This product is definitely worth buying if you are really interested in having great audio quality and accurate heart rate monitor which does not feel uncomfortable.
Sound quality
Worth it?
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Good quality audio
Accurate heart rate monitor
Feature filled mobile application
Unique design for a wearable heart rate monitor
Long wire on a device which is supposed to be "wireless"
Ear pieces can be uncomfortable for some users
Application needs internet access or else you cannot use the HRM
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