Philips S2BK Fidelio Earphones Review

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So far we have seen the various Fidelio series headphones from Philips that perform extremely well. Today, we are going to have a look at their Fidelio earphones that we hope perform just as good as their headphones do. With the case of headphones, we have large drivers and lot of space that can be used for perfecting the sound, while with earphones, everything is very small. Making use of every resource to produce the optimum sound faithfully is the challenge faced by most designers. Today we are going to look at the Philips S2BK Fidelio, flagship in-ear earphones.

Construction and out of the box opinion

S2BK fidelioThe moment you open the box you will find the user manual and the specification sheet, underneath it is our precious earphones and a whole bunch of ear phone tips made by Comply Foam. I have not seen any other company pack in nearly 7 pairs earphone tips in total in various shapes and sizes. We all have experience with wearing out the tips and then hunting for a new ones that fit the way they should. Many a times, bad earphone tips are the reason people buy new earphones. Each earphone tip is made to give comfort to your ears. Not only that, but each one has specific sound characteristic. You may find that one of the tip works better than the other and that is all because of the acoustic design.

The earphones are connected with a flat cable that has a golden colour on one side and black on the other. I would have preferred some other colour because golden colour on the cable does not really look great. That is just my opinion. The earplugs are also coloured in the combination of golden and black. The black regions are extremely glossy and according to Philips, they are scratch resistant. The ear plugs are metallic and that helps in producing better sound. Additionally, metallic ear plugs also help increase the durability. In short, the earphones feel quite rugged and should have no problem lasting for two to three years of everyday use.

For storage, Philips provides a circular hard cover case that opens with a zip. The case is quite compact and can be placed in a bag without occupying much space.

There is an inline microphone, which is a very important thing these days. The microphone is enclosed in a plastic enclosure that has a criss-cross texture on the outside.

Sound quality

Most of the users have said that they love the sound it is able to produce. Just like all other Fidelio headphones, the Fidelio S2BK also produced natural sounds. A common problem among users is that they have to use an equalizer to boost or suppress particular frequencies because their earphones do not perform well at those frequencies. Those who have used the Fidelio S2BK have never failed to mention that they never had to use any kind of equalization. This is enough proof that S2BK produces audio faithfully.

In spite of the sophisticated diaphragm on the drivers, the bass lacks that strong punch. The hit on the bass drum will sound a little blunt. If you are a bass person, it is highly recommended you install an equalizer to boost the bass other wise you will find no problem with these earphones.

The sensitivity of the drivers is 107 dB, which is quite high and in theory, such sensitivity should make your earphones sound loud enough. But that is not the case here. The drivers have an impedance of 22 Ohms which is quite high and that is the reason why you would have to keep the volume at 80 to 90% to hear all the tiny details in all its glory.


For a price of £102 on Amazon, you get long lasting, durable earphones that sound good and reproduce every detail (at higher volume levels) and has equal response across the audio spectrum, although there are some minor flaws as we saw above. The price seems to be a little high considering what we really get. I would have suggested buying these headphones if the price was little lower.

We will look at various other high end earphones in future articles from different companies.


  • Frequency response 15 – 24,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity 107 dB
  • Speaker diameter 13.5 mm
  • Maximum power input 40 mW
  • Impedance 22 ohm
  • Height 20.4 cm
  • Width 15.8 cm
  • Depth 5 cm
  • Net weight 0.065 kg
  • Gross weight 0.3379 kg
  • Tare weight 0.2729 kg
  • EAN 69 23410 71930 7
  • Type of shelf placement Both
  • Number of products included 1
  • Packaging type Carton


If the price was a little lower, these headphones would have won my recommendation.
Sound quality
Worth it?
Reader Rating4 Votes
Strong build.
Extra earphone tips.
Neutral and clear sound.
Sensitivity is high.
High Price.
Bass is blunt and lacks punch.
Volume needs to be at 90% to hear all details of the audio.
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