Beats PowerBeats2 Wireless Earphones Review

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It is quite difficult to find good quality wireless earphones that are practically the best in terms of sound quality, battery life and comfort. The PowerBeats2 are the new wireless earphones from Beats that will connect to anything that has Bluetooth. Earphones are the hardest to get right. Sometimes you have to compromise the comfort, sometimes the sound quality, while at times you need to compromise battery life if they are wireless etc. Let us review the PowerBeats2 wireless earphones and see for ourselves if these are the next best pair of earphones.

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Physical Build

Beats powerbeats2 logo
Wireless Powerbeats2 logo

They appear to be premium grade earphones when you put your eyes on them for the first time. The nice glossy red Beats logo on matt finished black body looks very appealing. The flat, tangle free, bright red cable appears to be very strong and would be hard to break.

There is an inline volume control with a microphone in it. There is also a micro USB connector on one of the ear phones to charge the battery. Additionally there is an on-off button for obvious reasons. Both the ear plugs have an ear hook made out of flexible rubber which feels soft. Being so flexible, it will definitely fit on any shape of ear and keep the ear plugs secure. The ear hooks do their job so well that you can even work out and play outdoor games with no worries about your earphones falling off. Although it is quite possible that the ear harness might hurt your ear lobe after sometime.

Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless
Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless Version

Speaking of working out and outdoor games, the ear plugs are water and sweat resistant which should keep you free of any worries of damaging the internal drivers. It is often required to have an additional set of ear tips because one size does not fit all. Beats is a little generous in this case and provides 4 pairs of ear tips of different sizes. Three of the pairs are same shape but different sizes, while one of the pair is flanged and offers maximum grip and comfort. The flanged tip, instead of plugging your ear holes, it sits right on top of it and avoids creating that vacuum seal to isolate noise yet it isolates noise quite well all the same.

Sound performance

We now arrive at the most important part of the review. Do they sound good? Most serious audiophiles would prefer to have a neutral sounding earphone to hear the music the way producers intended for us to hear. Following is the message to audiophiles: “These earphones are not for you”.

Beats Powerbeats2 white
Beats Powerbeats2 Earpiece

It is Beats that we are talking about and they are known for boosting the bass. Although this does not mean that other tones sound bad. The mids and highs are a little bit lower in power and get somewhat hidden because of the over powering bass, still, the vocals remain crystal clear. I would also like to point out that the bass may be somewhat boosted, but it is not as overpowered as on other Beats headphones. Along with the bass, the treble was also something that sounded abnormally boosted. However, the tiny earphone drivers are sensitive enough to let you hear all the tiny details in the audio which works great when watching movies.

Beats powerbeats2 earhook
Beats Powerbeats2 earhook

Sound leakage is present in these earphones although it is very minimal. The ear tips do a great job of isolating most of the outside noise. Keeping the volume at 50 to 60 percent virtually blocks all the noise and you can only hear your music in its full glory. In short, the PowerBeats2 wireless earphones do not deliver exactly what the average user might expect standardwise and this is disappointing.

Storage and battery life

Beats provides a hard shell cover to store the earphones. The cover is shaped like a capsule that opens with the zip. On the inside, the shell is nice and smooth and it is coloured in the black and red combination.

Beats powerbeats2 wireless case
Powerbeats2 Wireless Case

Battery life is something that exceeded expectations. Beats claims the battery to last just 6 hours, while most users could easily use the earphones for 7 to 8 hours on a single charge. This is only possible because of the low power Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Charging the battery takes only 1.5 hours.


Despite the price being a whopping $199.95 (£131), the PowerBeats2 Wireless earphones deliver mediocre quality sound which is not expected from such an expensive pair of earphones. These Powerbeats 2 earphones are excellent for workout sessions because they hold on to your ears very well. That makes them super expensive, mediocre sounding earphones for workouts.

Nevertheless, if you are a Beats fan boy you would buy these anyway. The choice is yours…


  • Flexible ear hooks
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Low energy
  • Quick charging
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Height: 43.7 mm
  • Weight: 24 grams
  • Wrap around cable: 500 mm
  • Universal micro USB cable
  • 4 pairs of ear tips
Power Beats 2 Wireless Earphones
Super expensive, mediocre sounding earphones for workouts.
Sound quality
Worth it?
Reader Rating38 Votes
Adjustable ear hooks
Premium look and feel
Solid build quality
Long lasting battery life
Not very good quality sound performance
Too expensive for the performance it delivers
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