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Shure SE215 Earphones review

Shure SE215 Earphones review

by 2014/10/11


Product Name

Shure SE215


Good isolation
Highly customisable with various isolation sleeves
Long lasting
High sensitivity
Unique design


A little excess bass boosting
Single micro driver
Output power not constant at highs

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In spite of not being a perfect pair of ear phones, Shure SE215 really stand above the ordinary and I really recommend buying them.

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In ear headphones are small in size and also the most easy to carry around. But one drawback that comes with the earphones is that they lack the sound quality and frequency response. Naturally, they cannot produce the amazing, clear, natural sounds that we all desire. The small sized speakers is one of the culprits which affect the sound quality. I am sure that you would definitely be happy if you had a pair of earphones that sounded like those expensive Bose and Sony headphones that enable us to hear every tiny detail.

shure se215 accessoriesIt is quite rare to see such tiny in ear headphones that produce amazing, natural sounds that we all love to hear. I am talking about the Shure SE215 earphones.

The Shure SE215 earphones come with storing case, cables, user manual and two ear pieces with black ear sleeves.

Right out of the box, the first thing to notice about these earphones is the frequency response which is only from 22 Hz to 17.5 kHz which does not really cover the audible range. Normally, an ear can only hear up to 15 kHz – 16 kHz given the above frequency range. Thus, if there is a lot of high tones in the music, they will need to be artificially boosted. But this is only in case of those ordinary ear phones. Shure SE215 truly covers the entire specified frequency range and this is possible due to the design of the ear plugs which happens to be rather an unusual one. The additional factor being the sensitivity which is 107dB SPL/mW. If you are not sure what this number means, let me break it down in two words – IT’S GREAT!

Any user who switches from ordinary earphones to Shure SE215 will immediately notice the clarity and the natural sounds it has to offer. Thanks to the amazing sensitivity which is a factor that contributes to replicating every tiny detail in the music. When you start using these earphones, make sure that you download good quality music files or else you would not be doing justice to these earphones. Apart from great sensitivity, the ear pieces plug into your ears quite well. They kind of create a seal and hence, provide great isolation.

shure se215The bass on these earphones is a little bit strong. It is indeed quite rare to see in ear headphones with strong bass because of their size, but Shure SE215 has a weird, hollow ear piece which helps in boosting the bass frequencies. The bass is not overpowering, but you can definitely feel a little bit of artificial boosting done to it but it really does not seem to affect the listening experience. Some people have preferred to have natural, exact replication of sounds instead of having any kind of frequency boosting, for those people I recommend buying the Shure SE535. That ear phone is an amazing creation by Shure which we call a true “audiophile” product. It is indeed a lot more expensive than the SE215 but you get what you pay for. The build of the SE215 and SE535 is identical except that the SE535 has a triple HD micro driver which improves the audio performance by a great factor.

A Triple HD micro driver in SE535 drives two sub woofers and one tweeter which helps in covering the entire frequency range. That is not possible when you have only one speaker driven directly by your music source. The single micro driver in SE215 works in a similar way in comparison to SE535 except that it only drives a sub woofer. In both the earphones, the general purpose speaker in the ear pieces is driven directly by the music source which can be your phone or iPod. The Single Micro driver is one reason why we have a bit if bass boost on SE215. The lack of tweeter means that we cannot obtain constant power output at high end of the frequencies. A graph will explain this in a better way. Nevertheless, such minor problems will not degrade the listening experience.

The build quality appears to be very good. The ear pieces can be detached from the long cables while storing them. The cables are replaceable and so are the ear plugs. As we all have experience with ear phones, one size does not fit all. That is exactly what we realize while reading this quote from a user

“They have great clarity but the low end is bad due to not getting a great seal.”

shure se215 cable attachmentThe Shure official website has a variety of different ear plugs with several designs suited for people with a different choice. The connectors on the ear pieces have gold plating for reducing electrical loss and they also fit quite snugly. With detachable cables comes the problem of losing ear pieces. So, you have to make sure to keep the entire set together to avoid losing them. At first, almost everyone finds it difficult to wear the ear pieces but once you get used to it, you will praise the earphones everyday.

In spite of not being a perfect pair of ear phones, Shure SE215 really stand above the ordinary. For nearly £65, these earphones are worth every penny and they will last quite a long time. Being highly customizable, these earphones allow us to change the sleeves, cables and the ear pieces itself in case something breaks.


The sound quality and fit are excellent, one thing i noticed is compared to my old ones these feel cheap and light so time will tell on build.

I also have a pair of SE535's and there is no real comparison, however there is no comparison about the price either!

Tricky to fit at first but once set up with the wire bent into position subsequent fitting is easy.

Hearing things from the music that I've never heard before. Isolation is pretty good.


  •  Sensitivity107 dB SPL/mW
  • lmpedance: 20 Ω
  • Frequency Range: 22Hz – 17.5kHz
  • Cable Style: 64” Detachable (at ear) with wireform fit
  • Colors: Available in Clear or Translucent Black
  • Speaker Type: Dynamic MicroDriver




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