SoundPeats QY9 Sports Earphones Review

The SoundPeats QY9 earpieces.
The SoundPeats QY9 earpieces.
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The SoundPeats QY9 Sports Earphones are a wireless budget model with a built-in microphone. They are designed to be used on the go, and are fairly well-suited to this purpose. The sound quality is average, even considering the low price of the product. They are powered by Bluetooth 4.1 technology and are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Update: Read the new SoundPeats Q32 review for a look at their recent addition of true wireless earphones!

The accessories included with the SoundPeats QY9.
The accessories included with the SoundPeats QY9.

We’ve previously reviewed the SoundPeats Q9A sports earphones, which have ear hooks to keep them in place. The QY9s have a different design direction. Rather than hooks, these earphones have a ring of plastic which extends from the earpiece and which hold it in place. There are some rubber hooks included as alternatives to the stock ring design. These are similar to the earpiece accessories on the Bose SoundTrue earphones, along with other Bose products. After some fiddling around, I determined the ring design works best for me. I found the process of trial and error frustrating as the instruction booklet does not actually indicate how the earpiece holders are meant to fit in the ear. The design is unconventional so it definitely needs some clear instructions. Once sorted out, the earphones had a decent level of comfort, due to their light build. However I still preferred the Q9A hard plastic hook design. It was much more comfortable and also held the earphones in place very firmly. The QY9s hold in place well enough when left alone, but due to the lack of firm hold they can be displaced by a knock.

The SoundPeats QY9 earpieces are linked by a rubber cable.
The QY9’s earpieces are linked by a rubber cable.

Average sound reproduction

The SoundPeats QY9 earphones have average sound reproduction. The quality of the sound seems to vary depending on the source material. Some albums will reproduce fairly well, but other albums with a different production style will not be represented well. With a simple mix with a limited number of elements, the highs and mids will sound pleasant. This allows the earphones to reproduce vocals, keyboards and audiobooks well. However if the QY9s are presented with a wall-of-sound mix, they will quickly be overwhelmed and start sounding muddy. The bass is audible but it’s hollow-sounding and unfocused. If you predominantly listen to acoustic music or pop, the earphones may perform fairly well for you. If you listen to modern metal/hard rock or hectic electronic music, you are unlikely to enjoy the QY9s.

The SoundPeats QY9 earpiece.
The QY9 earpiece.

SoundPeats QY9 offers good performance for calls

The microphone performs well during phone calls. As mentioned the earphones are suited to the human voice so they work well as a hands-free phone solution. While using the QY9s I could be clearly heard by the person on the other end of the line, and vice versa. This was true even in a noisy room with lots of reflective surfaces. The SoundPeats did have an issue with latency though. It was not an issue on my end but the other person reported that my replies came with a noticeable delay.

The SoundPeats QY9 earphones are made of plastic and rubber components. I haven’t had any issues with durability during the testing period. However I’m sure that if I accidentally knocked them around a bit, that they would break apart quite easily. SoundPeats offer a 12-month warranty if that helps bring any peace of mind. For the price it’s probably not a big deal to order a replacement set. However that’s obviously not an ideal solution.

The SoundPeats QY9 earphones sitting in the included hardcase.
The SoundPeats QY9 earphones sitting in the included hardcase.

Excellent hardcase included

In the box you get the earphones, USB-to-Micro USB cable, a brief user manual, eight types of earpiece holders, three types of eartips, a clip that can be used to secure the cable and a hardcase. The hardcase is light, user-friendly and most importantly, protects the earphones very well. It’s much better than the cases and bags I’ve received with other significantly more expensive earphones. The USB charging cable is only 3.5 inches long, and depending on your computer set-up, this could result in your headphones dangling awkwardly from your USB port. I’m not sure why SoundPeats shipped this cable with the QY9, as I recently received the Q9A and it had cable of more suitable length. Both products are the same price.

The SoundPeats QY9s control scheme.
The SoundPeats QY9s have a three-button control scheme.

The control scheme for the QY9 is simple and functional. There are three buttons, all located on the right earpiece. The power button can answer calls, play/pause music and control Bluetooth connections. The other two buttons control the volume level and can also be used to check the charge level of the device.

The SoundPeats QY9 are a cheap option for those who want to listen to music and take calls on the go. The build and sound quality is not particularly impressive. If I was going to buy one of the company’s products, I would pick up the SoundPeats Q9A, as I find their hard hook earpiece holders much more comfortable. I would only recommend the QY9 if you are on a tight budget and dislike the hook design of the Q9A.


  • Bluetooth Version: 4.1
  • Effective Range: 33ft / 10m
  • Audio Profiles: aptX
  • Play Time: up to 5h
  • Charging Time: 1-2h
  • Weight: 0.6oz
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Li-polymer battery
The SoundPeats QY9 earpieces.
SoundPeats QY9
The SoundPeats QY9 are a cheap option for those who want to listen to music and take calls on the go. The build and sound quality is not particularly impressive though.
Sound quality
Worth it?
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Very affordable
Works well for calls and audiobooks
Solid hardcase
Average build quality
Sound quality is poor
Uninformative manual
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