Beats by Dre Headphone Alternatives

In the past article we looked at the latest product from Beats in their Solo line up, that is the new Solo 2. That headphone pair is supposed to be the improved version over Solo HD which was released last year and reviews suggested that it is very uncomfortable to wear. If you have gone over the Solo 2 review, you will come to know why I did not recommend buying such an expensive piece of audio gear that cannot even slightly impress an audiophile. In this article I am listing a few of Beats by dre headphone alternatives in the same price range of £100 to £200. I will also be considering the fashion factor in ranking headphones and not just the audio quality and the usual stuff.

Soul Combat+

soul combat+When we buy expensive headphones, we often look whether they would last for long time and not break in a few months of use. The chance of breaking the side extenders and wearing out the soft cushion on the speakers is high. No matter what you do, the soft lining always tends to wear out and that can cause some trouble. What if I tell you that this pair of headphones overcame that problem. Firstly, the extenders on the side are made of high quality material, and secondly, soft cushion over the speakers is interchangeable. On top of that the soft lining is sweat resistant and very comfortable. In fact, these headphones are designed for people who do heavy workout and need some sturdy headphones which would not soak the sweat and fit snugly over the ears throughout the workout period.

Not only the build quality is top notch, the sound is just as good as it should be. Usually, people pay either for top notch build quality or top notch sound quality, but very rarely do we get both in this price range. The bass is definitely not as brain shattering as it is on Beats headphones. I would say it is good enough for a regular workout guy or even for casual listener. Mid and high tones are just as good. In short, the speakers are able to play music exceedingly well while keeping the noise on the workout floor away from your ears. You can also flash your headphones while flashing your muscularity.

Shure SRH750DJ

SRH750DJWhat do you do when the looks and sound quality on a headphone, both are literally mind-blowing? You go ahead and buy them.

Shure SRH750DJ are a pair of headphones which are meant for professional DJs. When professionalism comes in the picture, most people assume that it would be too expensive. But that is not the case. SRH750DJ are very affordable over-ear headphones for a price tag of about £85. 

They come with a all plastic body with some silver portions that look metallic. The body is pretty durable and made to survive harsh club environments. The club environments are usually noisy. So, do these headphones isolate your ears from the noise? Yes they do. There is about 30dB of isolation in the highs and 15dB in the mids portion where as there is no real blocking at frequencies below 200Hz. For people who do not understand the numbers, it means that SRH750DJ can give wonderful isolation from noise so that you can hear clear music in noisy environments. Which also means you cannot hear your Mom calling you for dinner. This pair of headphones are designed to operate equally in the entire audible range, so you can understand that the speakers are not just good at producing bass, but the entire audible spectrum. You can check out the entire technical specification sheet to know more. Additionally, they also provide you with extra ear cushions in case of wear and tear which usually happens with it.

All in all, Shure SRH750DJ are amazing piece of headphones that you should have no doubt about while buying.

STREET by 50

Street by 50Now, these headphones are known for their awesome sound muffling. They come with passive noise cancellation unlike the Beats Studio headphones which happen to have active noise cancelling in them. Even so, you can hear only your music and nothing else. Active noise cancellation requires you to have battery to power it up and it does provide very great noise cancellation in comparison to passive noise cancelling.

Beats headphones are great in their place because they are meant for people who like a lot of bass hitting their ear drums. Achieving that causes Solo 2 to lose a lot of the mid and high details. STREET headphones have amazing quality sound. Something that everyone would love to have. Bass is not overpowering, which is perfect. The mids and the highs are balanced. Additionally, there is very little distortion even at high volume. Even if you used an amplifier with these headphones and shifted into even higher volume, you would find no distortion. May be your ears would start to hurt, but there is no distortion from the speakers.

The build quality is good thus making them last longer. They also happen to have stylish looks. Usually they are available for a pretty hefty price, but you can find them on Amazon at a much lower cost from time to time.

Monster Adidas

adidas-monster-designboom01One of the selling points that these headphones claim to have is the “advanced noise isolation”. Monster Adidas headphones are meant to be used in sporty environments where you would require some noise isolation. Along with that they also claim to have put good quality speaker cushions. Just by looking at the speakers you can tell that it is not going be very comfortable for long duration. Which is actually true because the cushion is not as soft as they claim it is and definitely not comfortable if you wear it for more than an hour. The speaker punches a heavy bass just like Beats headphones. When a certain frequencies are emphasized too much, the adjacent frequency bands also get affected drastically. So, do not expect to get great mids and highs on this pair of headphones.

If you are travelling with your friends and you wish to listen to same song from a single device, then you have the option to use the “dual ports” that come with it. You can plugin up to 5 headphones at a time and listen to music together. While travelling the “storability” factor also comes handy. Monster Adidas has foldable design and you can stash the pair in your bag neatly.

Monster 24k

Monster 24kAnother pair of headphones from Monster with glittering golden looks. Some people claim that the golden exterior is actually gold plating. But whatever it is, the headphone looks very flashy; perhaps something a rap artist would like to have? The Monster 24k are Monster’s flagship over-ear headphones in which they claim to have put hand tuned, precision engineered speakers to give best quality audio. I would not say that the audio is best in class. This headphone emphasizes more on the bass rather than providing quality audio over the entire audible range. If you have used Solo 2 from Beats, then that is how they would probably sound. Again, if you are an audiophile, these are not for you. But if all you care about is the looks, then definitely go for it. The headphone design also comes with professional DJ-Style swiveling ear cups so that you look even cooler!


There are a lot of headphones out there in the £100 – £200 range and not all are good. As the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold is applicable here. Not all expensive headphones are going to give you the amazing sound quality that you might expect. In the following articles I will be reviewing one of the top headphones in this list, so make sure you come back for more.



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