Best Gaming Headsets for Xbox One & Ps4

It is quite important to have that amazing audio performance while playing your favourite game on the gaming console. When there is so much development going in the direction to improve visual and audio performance of games to make it realistic, it would be quite a pity to have mediocre headsets with bad audio performance. We already saw the amazing features and audio performance of the XBOX One and the PS4 console. Let us have a look at a handful of headsets so that you can experience the game the way it is meant to be experienced.

HyperX Cloud Gaming headset


It is very rare to find a good quality headset that is priced under £100. Being priced at just £55, we can easily claim the HyperX cloud gaming headset to be low cost, high performance gaming headphones. Before we make any conclusions about its performance, let us first analyse the features it offers.

It comes with a frequency response of 15Hz to 25kHz; that is a very large bandwidth, especially since it offers an equal response over the entire audio band. The drivers have a diameter of 53mm, this is quite average but still means they have a reasonably good sensitivity. The high sensitivity allows the users to hear the minute details in the sound. If you add this sensitivity with the “TrueAudio” technology of AMD, you might be able hear a variety of audio details embedded in different parts of the game given that the game is built with TrueAudio technology integrated in it.

Major benefits of this headphone can be revealed when they are worn. The comfort is very much noticeable with the headphones being very light weight. They do not cause any discomfort even after wearing them for 3 hours straight. You will hardly find any bad reviews about this headphone. Definitely worth buying for its enormous price to performance ratio.

Logitech G35 7.1 Surround sound gaming headset

logitech g35

Logitech is famous for its keyboards and mice but it also makes some amazing audio products for the consumer market that are inexpensive, deliver high performance and last for a long time. The G35 headset is loaded with features that you would only find on a headphone that costs more than £120. Logitech is giving away those features for a quite low price of £60 when it should cost much more than that.

The physical appearance is quite stunning and stylish. It would definitely appeal to the gamers. Logitech usually makes headphones with a plastic body, the G35 is no exception to that with a full black coloured plastic body with black buttons and orange lettering. The colour combination itself is quite appealing. The headband is made from soft foam and the ear cups are adjustable to fit your skull. In case you do not like the texture on the headband, you can change it to have a different one. Out of the box you get thick, thin and contoured headbands for your headset. Now who gives these away?

With so much effort put into providing maximum comfort, there is a lot more effort put into giving out good quality audio experience. Logitech G35 comes with 7.1 virtual surround sound capability powered by the Dolby Digital processor. You also get that bass boosting effect required for gaming to enhance explosions and engine sounds. A large number of users have recommended the G35 headset, although if you prefer to have a wireless version of the same headset you can opt for the Logitech G930 which has an equivalent audio performance.

…and yes it works on all the gaming consoles and also on the PC.

Astro A50 Wireless system headphones


This one costs nearly £200 and it is quite expensive. It is wireless and operates at 5.4GHz frequency which is quite far off from the crowded 2.4GHz band. The wireless headset comes with its own wireless base station that connects to your audio source via a cable. The wireless transmitter has its own communication protocol and does not operate on Wifi.

The first thing that catches our eye is the solid design and build. The body is built with good quality plastic and has metallic parts in some places which increases its appeal. There are control buttons at the back of the ear cup. You can also plug in a micro USB cable in case you wish to go the wired route. The USB cable also charges the headset’s battery, the good thing about the headset is that it goes off when there is no audio streaming to it which helps in saving the battery. The unconventional way of plugging in the USB for a wired audio connection would mean that you cannot plug in these headphones in to your phone or other device. These are specifically meant for XBOX, PS4 or PC. The Astro A50 Headset also has a button that can switch between 3 preset equaliser modes. The gaming mode which is the middle mode, emphasizes on explosions and bass giving that cool gaming effect to your audio.

A small port on the left cup allows the headset to be connected straight to your XBOX controller allowing you to stream audio from there. You can also use the headset for voice chat while playing multi player.

This headphone is definitely for a hardcore gamer who needs a robust headphone which can withstand gaming addiction. The steep price makes this headphone a huge investment for your gaming setup.

Sennheiser U320

Gaming headsets are called gaming headsets because they boost the explosions, that is bass boosting. Sennheiser U320 audio drivers are made to provide neutral response although the bass boosting comes from an inline USB device that has a few more interesting features to look at. Apart from the that, U320 is built with communication in mind. Teamspeak and other communication software are vital while playing multiplayer shooters like counter strike, call of duty, arma 3 and battlefield. Sennheiser boasts a noise cancelling microphone which can pick up crystal clear audio. With this, U320 also becomes a useful headset for Skype calls. The inline USB controller has the option to control the headphone volume as well as control the microphone volume. By switching one of the buttons you can hear your own voice.

The inline control box is powered by USB that can plug in to the XBOX’s USB connector. The USB inline dongle gives you an option to have a different audio source. In case you wish to receive stereo audio from another source, you have to connect a cable into the dongle and connect that to the source. In most cases you do not have to plug that extra cable because you get a much better audio from USB. Apart from that USB connector, it easily plugs in to all the modern gaming consoles and even the PC. Although you might need to change a few settings on your PS4 and PS3 to make them work, but that is not even a major problem to stop you from buying it.

The physical design of the U320 is very pleasing to the eye with a blue LED ring on the ear cups that makes it look even more awesome. The microphone boom swivels very easily and swivelling it back in line with your head band will turn it off, and pulling it back to your face will turn it on. Most users are quite pleased with its performance, although a few users have mentioned that the speakers feel burned out after several hours of use. The percentage of such users is quite less, which makes this headphone worth buying.

For all the excellent features and strong build, the Sennheiser U320 will easily last for 2 years minimum with no problem. The £100 price definitely makes this headphone a must-buy product for gamers.

Turtle Beach EarForce XP SEVEN Tournament Grade sound

turtle beach xp7

Honestly, the Turtle beach logo and the overall design of the headphone makes it look cheap. At least that is just my opinion. But, why judge the book by its cover. Turtle beach has a reputation of making good quality headphones with lot of customisable options. With EarForce XP Seven, they have brought a customisable DSP. In other words, you can create your own preset for equaliser, change the volume for the microphone and the speakers independently. With the headset you get a DSP box and a separate controller to program the DSP to suit your needs. Considering the fact that there is a whole DSP system and a large controller to customise the sound, it is an overkill. Personally, I would not want a large DSP box and a large controller when there are better options available to tweak the sound through software on your PC or a gaming console. A better button interface on the box would have been a better design choice rather than supplying a big controller. They also provide an application for iOS and Android to do all the settings instead of using the so called “control unit”. Both do the same functions, in fact the app can do much more which makes the control unit a waste of money.

The audio drivers on these headphones are made to provide neutral sound and have high sensitivity so that you do not miss any audio details in the game. The microphone boom is flexible and does a good job overall. Overall build quality also seems to be okay although users have reported getting faulty headphones and requiring them to be replaced. After an year or so, many users also reported that the internal cabling goes bad and one of the ear cups stops working.

Turtle Beach EarForce XP Seven is an overkill headphone with lot of customisable options that cost a lot of money.

I can boldly say that good headphones really affect gaming experience. It is quite amazing to hear all those sounds you thought never existed while using a cheap pair of headphones.

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