Dr Dre Headphones or the Sony MDR-NC500D?

Dr dre headphones to buy or not to buy.  Are they worth it or not?

I bought some Sony MDR-NC500D headphones which seem to work great. The best feature often is that you can hear your music clearly by the external noise canceller.  Not only that when you want to listen to outside noise you can switch it off and turn the monitor on so outside noise can be heard.  Dr dre headphones have the same feature except I don’t believe that you can turn it off and monitor outside noise.  When I tried Dr dre headphones I found that it changed the sound to have more bass, which is great except for the fact that when listening to tracks Sony MDR-NC500Dthat didn’t have as much bass content it became useless. The only feature that Dr dre headphones has that the Sony headphones does not is an inbuilt microphone. Apart from making phone calls in a car journey you’re not going to really be needing to use that feature. Both headphones around the same price but in my opinion I would go for the Sony headphones because I think the sound quality is better for the price and I think that Dr dre headphones are overpriced and don’t look very good, the last thing you want is to draw attention to yourself.  The Sony headphones looks smart and have a sleeker design. If you’re frequent traveler then it is probably a good idea to pick some of these up for around £250. However if you’re a big dub step fan then go with the Dr dre headphones because because that sort of music thrives on overkill bass.  If not, dr dre headphones will not be the best option,  also note you will be subject to pickpockets, especially with the diamond coated version.

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