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New Beats Solo 2 Review


Beats recently released their brand new headphones – Solo 2. The first version of Solo had some apparent drawbacks and many people disliked it. It was known to cause discomfort to the ears if you were to wear it for long duration. Beats seems to have fixed that issue by working more on comfort aspect of the product and come up with Solo 2. Let us dive into the Beats Solo 2 Review.


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Pink Beats Solo 2 HD

The first thing to notice is the comfort level that you get with these headphones. The headband is redesigned for flexibility and it can be adjusted however you feel is comfortable. According to Beats, the ear cups are now lined with special heat dissipating material but that does not seem to be the case. Just after 30 to 40 minutes of wearing these headphones you can feel your ears getting hot but it still feels comfortable. These headphones can feel a bit tight if you have a large head. You need not worry about the durability because the build quality is wonderful and feels like it can take any kind of bending and beating that normally happens to headphones.

When you are outside and need to put away the headphones during work, you can easily stash them in your bag. This is possible because they fold inwards, thus making it possible to pack it in a bag.

One major drawback of Solo HD, the previous version of Solo headphones, was that it would come off your ears while running. Solo HD was one uncomfortable piece of headphone with bad design. Solo 2 is definitely an improvement over the previous Solo headphones. It can be freely used while running without needing to worry about them falling off.


We now need to talk about the sound, because that is what these headphones are for. The Solo line is known for the bass and that also means it cannot reproduce mid and high range with the same quality. The mid and and high are some what weak as compared to the bass. This gives some murkiness for vocals and rock music. It seems that Solo 2 can perform exceptionally well with electronic music but sounds like it is running on low gear on rock songs. Now such kind of performance is not expected from such expensive headphones. You can always fix this issue by adjusting the equalizer on your phone.

Expensive headphones not always means you can get the best audio quality. If you are an audiophile then don’t fall for the price because not all the expensive headphones give exceptional sound quality.


Now let us look at the noise isolation aspect of Solo 2. This factor is all variable because we all have different size of ears. Beats seem to have taken this issue into consideration and made the lining of the ear cups adjust to your ears and seal the gaps that may occur thus, giving a better seal and in turn better isolation from outside sound. It might cause some discomfort to some people because the lining is not very soft.

The Solo 2 headphones can definitely be used in outside environment because it can isolate noise to acceptable levels.

To conclude this review, we need to take into consideration whether it is really worth buying the £169 Solo 2. The answer is yes if you are a die-hard fan of Beats audio because no one can change your mind. For the regular folks, other manufacturers do have some great headphones which do not discriminate electronic music and rock music like Solo 2 does. And, they are much more inexpensive than the Solo 2. But, would you get the exceptional build quality with those? The answer is no, unless you go for the expensive ones. In short, if you are okay with having to artificially equalizing the frequencies while listening to rock music or while watching a movie, then go for it otherwise it is better to stay away from the Solo 2.

 Even though the sound is much improved, you can still get better-sounding headphones for $200.

A lot nicer and comfortable than the previous solo HD.

The sound stage is close and doesn’t have much depth so for those who listens to live recordings 

I’m no sound expert, which is what makes it even worse that I can tell that the quality is terrible. 

  • Beats Solo™2on-ear headphone
  • RemoteTalk™ cable
  • Carrying case
  • Weight (kg): 0.205
  • Height (mm): 198
  • Length of Cable (m): 1.361
  • Type of Jack: 3.5mm

Beats by Dre

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What headphones are good if they can only be used for listening one kind of music? Solo 2 is a good choice for an electronica fan, but definitely not worth buying if you are a rock person.
Sound quality70
Worth it?60
Reader Rating4 Votes39
Amazing build quality, good isolation from noise
and easy to store in bags. Excellent headphones for listening electronica too.
Cannot produce all frequencies faithfully, murky vocals
and not good for listening to rock music.
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