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After reviewing Fidelio M1BT and the Fidelio L2BO, there is no doubt that Philips makes amazing quality headphones that are meant to last for several years. The letters BO indicate that the headphones are wired, whereas the BT lettering indicates bluetooth wireless headset. We are going to look at another M series headphone from Philips and review it thoroughly.


Just like all other Fidelio headphones, the construction on the M1BO is solid and appears to last longer. Fidelio M1BO comes in two different colour schemes – first being White and brownish-olive and the second being black and orange. Both the colour schemes appear to very bright and contrasty, which adds to the appeal of the headphone which indeed makes them look stylish. Most of the construction is metallic although there are some plastic parts on it. The ear shells are held together by 3 support hinges which in turn are attached to the metallic ring like structure that is connected to the headband. There is fine leather that covers the headband and has a stitched appearance. The leather appears to be fine Faux leather which is definitely high quality material.

fidelio m1bo

The ear shells can be extended in order to adjust the length and fit them on your head. The extendible structure is ratcheted and it has measurement markings so that you can evenly adjust both the sides for a perfect fit. Being made out of metal, the extension mechanism feels sturdy unlike the plastic ones.

The cable that connects the headphone to your device has a 3.5mm jack. The cable is detachable although not entirely. A small length of cable still hangs out from the headphones and a longer cable with the microphone on it needs to be connected to this hanging piece of cable.

According to the official Philips spec sheet, the cable is specially made from oxygen-free fabric which is quite durable and should be able to keep internal conductors intact for quite long time.

Another thing to note before we move on to the next section is that the ear shells are enclosed since this is the M series headphone. The ear cushions are soft and comfortable. Being on-ear headphones, there is definitely some sound leakage when you pump up the volume too high.

Sound Quality

According to most users Fidelio M1BO produces neutral sound. Not too bassy, not too focussed on the highs, just natural sounds. The frequency range of the speakers is from 15 Hz and goes up to 24 kHz which covers a little more than the audible range. More is always better because it helps in providing equal amplitude of sound at the skirts of the frequency band.

The drivers inside the headphone use neodymium magnets for responsive behaviour at high frequencies. Neodymium magnets are known for being one of the strongest magnets that are used where quick response is expected. Additionally, the strong magnetic field of these neodymium magnets also makes the voice coil vibrate the diaphragm when very tiny signals are applied. In better words, the sensitivity of the drivers is very high – measured to be 106dB according to the spec sheet. Such high sensitivity as we know helps in producing every tiny detail in the audio being played.

Most users have reported that the bass is muddy when the volume is approaching maximum, although the highs and the mids are just perfect. This problem is not that serious and should not be a factor stopping you from buying these headphones. For someone who likes to have bass overdrive on their music, they should go for something like Monster or Dr. Dre.

The ear shells are entirely sealed which helps in keeping the external noise sources outside and prevents any sound leakage from the body. The isolation of noise is quite good on these headphones in spite of being the on ear type.

Daily usage and other stuff

With such amazing sound quality, everyone that owns these headphones would definitely want to use them every now and then and that is when the factor of portability comes into the picture. The ear shells can be rotated to 90 degrees which makes the headphone appear flat. They can be stored inside the Philips cloth bag and then be placed into your every day back pack. Being so sturdy and metallic, the chance of crushing them while travelling in crowded public transport is slim. Nevertheless, these headphones do take up considerable space in an average back pack.

The ear cushions are made from leather and breathable fabric which helps in keeping the air flowing. The bad part is that if the ear cushions wear out, you cannot really replace them unless you lifehack your way around.

Apart from the minor problems listed above, Philips Fidelio M1BO are amazing quality headphones just like all the other Fidelio headphones. They cost £110 on Amazon, much lesser than its wireless brother which was priced at £180 approximately.

  • Frequency response 15 – 24,000 Hz
  • Impedance 16 Ohm
  • Sensitivity 106 dB
  • Speaker diameter 40 mm
  • Maximum power input 150 mW
  • Distortion < 0.1% THD
  • WBCV 111 mV




Philips M1BO Fidelio
If you cannot afford the expensive Bose and Sony headphones, Philips M1BO Fidelio is an inexpensive alternative to get good listening experience for years to come.
Sound quality
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Sturdy construction
Very Comfortable
Natural sounds
High sensitivity
Optimal noise isolation
Muddy bass
Non replaceable ear cushions
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