Soul Combat+ review – Ultimate Over-ear headphones

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combat_feature1Many of you may not have thought that Soul would be producing some great equipment. Very rarely do they make good looking headphones which also produce excellent quality sounds. Above all they are extremely comfortable on ears. In this review we are going deep into this product to see why they are the ultimate over-ear headphones.

Soul Combat+ is made for athletes and workout freaks. Such people need snugly fitting headphones which do not compromise on the audio quality. Athletes and workout guys sweat a lot; If they use regular headphones, the ear cushions would get soaked in the sweat and that would be disgusting. Combat+ has sweat resistant ear cushions which are very durable and last a long time of rough even with abuse. You cannot expect them to tear off so easily because they are made of ‘high quality’ material. However nothing is designed to last forever, that is why Combat+ comes with additional pair of ear cushions to replace the old ones. The head band can extend enough to fit over a large head and it can also fits comfortably over a small head preventing them from falling off.

spec_combatDuring a workout, every small design aspect comes into the picture. The headband is bisected in the middle and it helps air flow to cool off the heat that might get trapped under it. A solid headband might have felt uncomfortable during workout sessions so the underside of the headband is covered with silicon for a better experience.

While changing the ear cushions, it might feel as if you could break the headphones into two pieces. But there is nothing to worry because the entire design is quite durable and made for rough use. The best part of these ear cushions is the ability to wash them whenever you want. If they begin to stink, you can simply wash them without a second thought. Their design also helps block the outside noise. A gym floor is expected to have lot of noise. You can probably never hear the music they play over there because of obvious reasons. Combat+ is successful in blocking a lot of this noise so that you can listen only to your music and nothing else.

Soul was known for having a bit too much bass in their equipment. That naturally caused and unbalance in the highs and the mids. With combat+ they have designed a more balanced profile. We still have the bass that everyone needs during a workout but its not overpowering to wipe out the essential mids and the highs.

You can also attend phone calls with this device and the sound is sharp and clear. Just the way you want it to be!

Monster also have some solid headphones in their iSport lineup with deeper bass and more volume. But if you are looking for a balanced audio profile and nicely fitting, comfortable headphones with ability to wash and replace ear cushions, then look no further and head straight to the shop.

  • Over-ear design
  • Sweat resistant
  • Interchangeable ear pads
  • Removable kevlar audio cable
  • Advanced driver circuitry for balanced audio profile


Soul Combat+ Over-ear headphones
Work out headphones which deliver balanced audio and ability to keep them clean and at the same time looking sexy on your ears.
Sound quality
Worth it?
Reader Rating11 Votes
Comfortable fit
Sweat resistant
Replaceable ear cushions
Cool looking design
Good sound blocking
May sound like the mids are muffled
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