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House of Marley has carved out a place for itself in the audio market with a unique look and a products with a distinct voicing for modern music. Today we’re looking at the Get Together Mini Bluetooth speaker. The unit is a mid-sized Bluetooth speaker with a bass-focused sound and 10 hours battery life. You can pick it up for $109 USD (£100, $161 AUD). For a more outdoor speaker, read the No Bounds Sport review, another House of Marley bluetooth speaker.

House of Marley cuts Get Together BT down to size

The House of Marley Get Together Mini is a cutdown version of the original Get Together BT. The Mini still packs plenty of punch though, with a 2 x 2.5” Woofer and 2 x .75″ Tweeters. You get an integrated mic, 45 ft wireless range and the ability to pair two units for stereo sound. House of Marley have included a USB-out port which allows you to charge a device using the speaker. If for whatever reason you don’t want to use Bluetooth, you can also run audio to the speaker via the 3.5mm auxiliary port.

Extra chunky bass

House of Marley Get Together Mini Bluetooth speaker
The House of Marley Get Together Mini.

House of Marley products generally aim to please the average music fan rather than audiophiles and the Get Together Mini is true to form. It’s a very modern-sounding Bluetooth speaker with a big bass push. It’s the type of speaker you’d reach for if you wanted to pump some hip hop, R&B or EDM at a party. The bass can be a bit much for certain styles. It wouldn’t be ideal if you mostly listen to guitar-based rock or folk music for example. But if you want thick, punchy bass, then it’ll deliver it in spades. The response of the speaker seems more designed for larger rooms and higher volumes than low volume listening in a bedroom.

Unique House of Marley looks

The most distinctive feature of the speaker is the bamboo faceplate and matching rear bass panel. The wood looks gorgeous, although the added weight is pretty substantial. The speaker is also finished with hemp/organic cotton/recycled plastic fabric.

Who is the Get Together Mini for?

House of Marley Get Together Mini Bluetooth speaker angle

The weight means the Get Together Mini isn’t a particularly portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s not waterproof either, so it’s not going for the sports crowd. It does look excellent though and gets pretty loud, so it’s most suited for use throughout the house or in the backyard.

The only accessories you get with the Get Together Mini is a 1m charging cable and the accompanying wall charging plug. The charger has four interchangeable wall plugs for different regions, while the cable is a tough fabric design.

Comparing the House of Marley line-up

The Get Together Mini pumps pretty loud already, but if you want bigger then you can always get the original Get Together BT ($120), which has larger speakers (2 x 3.5″ woofers and 2 x 1″ Tweeters). The Bag of Riddim ($250) has the same speaker set-up as the Get Together BT, but it adds removable straps for easy portability. House of Marley also have three smaller sports speakers: The Chant Sport BT ($68), Chant BT ($65) and Chant Mini BT ($42). The Chant Sport BT is rated IP67 for water/dust resistance, while the other two Chant speakers are rated at IPX4 for splash resistance.

The verdict

House of Marley Get Together Mini Bluetooth speaker side
The rear port of the Get Together Mini.

The House of Marley Get Together Mini is a bass-focused, fun sounding Bluetooth speaker. It’s definitely tuned to pump hip hop, EDM and pop music, so audiophiles need not apply. It’s on the heavy side so it’s best suited for use around the house, and with its bamboo faceplate it looks the part too.

  • Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity
  • Voice Prompt
  • 2 x 2.5” Woofer
  • 2 x .75″ Tweeters
  • Auxiliary Input
  • USB Port for Charging Devices
  • USB Charging Cable + Adapter
  • Pair Two Units for Stereo Sound


House of Marley Get Together Mini Bluetooth speaker header
House of Marley Get Together Mini
The House of Marley Get Together Mini is a bass-focused, fun sounding speaker that's great for use around the house.
Sound quality
Worth it?
Reader Rating94 Votes
Unique looks
Phat bass
USB out for charging devices
Auxiliary in option
Heavy chassis
Bass is too much for some styles
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