House of Marley Smile Jamaica Wireless in-ear headphones review

Marley Smile Jamaica Wireless neckband header
Marley Smile Jamaica Wireless neckband header
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House of Marley is a relatively new player on the audio scene, having been founded by Bob Marley’s son Rohan in 2008. The company focuses on consumer audio and most of their output is portable and designed with the distinct House of Marley look. Don’t forget you can also check out the Uplift 2 wireless review too.

Today we’ll look at the Smile Jamaica Wireless in-ear headphones, which are an affordable and smart-looking neckband design. You can pick them up for $47.55 USD ($99 AUD, £39.99). The Smile Jamaica line also offers a wired version, which you can get for $33.50.

Eight-hour battery life

Marley Smile Jamaica Wireless neckband main
The Smile Jamaica Wireless.

The Smile Jamaica Wireless offers eight hours of play time with a 9mm dynamic driver and noise-isolating microphone. In line with House of Marley’s ethos, the headphones are made out of FSC Certified Wood and recyclable aluminium. The design is also sweat-proof (IPX4), which along with its comfortable fit, lends it to sports applications.

Comfortable neckband design

Marley Smile Jamaica Wireless neckband charger
The charging port of the Smile Jamaica Wireless.

The Smile Jamaica Wireless is a comfortable neckband design. It’s not too heavy and you forget about it once you put it around your neck, which is perfect. It stays in place well enough for moderate exercise like walking, running, etc. The neckband does move around a bit though so it wouldn’t be my choice for a real hectic workout. Unfortunately there’s only two ear-tip size options on offer. A third size would have been good to bridge the gap between the large and small options.

House of Marley really knows how to put together a stylish product. The Smile Jamaica Wireless is understated but classy. In addition, the wood in the construction gives it a unique look and the overall design looks great. In terms of accessories, you get a charging cable, a soft case and the two ear-tip option. The case doesn’t provide much protection aside from preventing the earphones getting tangled around with things in your bag.

House of Marley present modern, boosted audio profile

Marley Smile Jamaica Wireless neckband charger
The charging port of the Smile Jamaica Wireless.

Like many modern headphones, the Smile Jamaica has boosted bass and highs, with recessed mids. Consequently, the headphone lends itself to hip hop, pop and electronic music. The headphone tends to bring out the bass lines, drums and vocals, while pushing back mid-heavy rhythm guitar parts that you hear in rock music. As you might expect, reggae music sounds phat on these headphones.  Bob Marley’s Exodus sounds just right, with the boosted bassline driving the song forward without being overwhelming. The sound is in the same ballpark as Beats and Sennheiser, although the bass isn’t pushed as hard as those two brands.

The Smile Jamaica Wireless control scheme is simple and functional. You get three buttons to control the audio and call functions, which is integrated into the neckband. It’s a small thing but I liked the tactile experience of using the headphone controls. The rubber coating has a smooth, premium feel.

Smile Jamaica Wireless is a solid buy

Marley Smile Jamaica Wireless neckband earpieces
The wood construction gives the Smile Jamaica Wireless a unique look.

So what’s the verdict for the Smile Jamaica Wireless? It’s a solid contender in the sub-$50 price-point. It sounds great for pop, hip hop, EDM and of course Reggae — although it’s not a pair of cans I’d recommend for a rocker. It’s also a stylish headphone that is enjoyable to use and comfortable to wear. The accessories are pretty bare-bones unfortunately. If you’re a fan of the music styles mentioned and are looking for a good, affordable neckband model, then the Smile Jamaica Wireless could be just what you’re looking for.

  • Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity
  • 8 hour play time
  • Wireless 3-button controls
  • Noise isolating In-Line Microphone
  • Flexible, Conforming Neck Band with Cable Management
  • Sweatproof (IPX4)
  • 2 size silicone ear gels (S, M)
  • Wood and Aluminum Construction

Product listing

Marley Smile Jamaica Wireless neckband header
Marley Smile Jamaica Wireless
The Marley Smile Jamaica Wireless is a solid contender in the sub-$50 market, particularly for sports users and those looking for a modern audio profile.
Sound quality
Worth it?
Reader Rating12 Votes
Smart, unique looks
Good for pop, hip hop and electronic music
Made of quality materials
Only two ear-tip sizes
Case doesn't provide much protection
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