House of Marley Uprise Bluetooth Sports Earphones Review

House of Marley Uprise Bluetooth in-ear headphones
House of Marley Uprise Bluetooth in-ear headphones

House of Marley is building a real name for itself in Bluetooth and sports designs. Today we’re looking at the Uprise Bluetooth sports earphones, which capitalise on the company’s strongpoints. The Uprise is a lightweight model with eight hours playback and IPX5 water resistance. The earphones can be picked up for $80 USD ($55 AUD, £60, $85.69 CAD). Additionally, we’ve already looked at the Smile Jamaica Wireless which comes at a slightly cheaper price.

Sports-focused specs

The Uprise Bluetooth has all the key specs for a good pair of sports earphones. The 8-hour charge is enough for a week of workouts, while the tangle-free cable and sweat/water resistance makes it an easy daily wear. House of Marley has included two eartip sizes and the option to place rubber fins on the earpieces to keep them firmly in place.

Water resistance up to IPX5

House of Marley Uprise Bluetooth sports earphones main
The House of Marley Uprise Bluetooth sports earphones.

The House of Marley Uprise Bluetooth sports earphones have IPX5 water resistance, which means they are protected from splashed water or water from a nozzle. They aren’t designed to be fully immersed however. As you can see from our water test above, I gave them a pretty good soaking from two cups of water and they kept on pumping tunes without any problems.

Quality audio for the price

House of Marley Uprise Bluetooth sports earphones all
Another view of the Uprise Bluetooth earphones.

The Uprise Bluetooth provides solid audio for the price. The highs are quite prominent, while the mids are also brought forward. The bass takes a backseat to the mids and highs. When you get the earpieces to seal really solidly the bass presence comes up a bit though. Overall it pretty neutral-sounding and suits a range of styles. The only people who won’t warm to it are those who really want a huge bass response.

House of Marley hit the mark on comfort (mostly)

House of Marley Uprise Bluetooth sports earphones control
The Uprise Bluetooth control scheme.

The Uprise Bluetooth is a comfortable wear. It has Powerbeats style earhooks that keep the earphones firmly in place, with the removable eartip fins providing extra stability. You also have the option of taming the tangle-free cable that links the earpieces with the included clip. The whole design is light and easy to wear. The only gripe I have is the fact there’s only two types of eartip sizes, neither of which was a good fit for me. Eartips are cheap as chips though so it’s not a huge sticking point.

No shortage of accessories

House of Marley Uprise Bluetooth sports earphones accessories
The included accessories.

House of Marley ship the Uprise Bluetooth with a softcase, three eartip sets, a 55cm charging cable and three sizes of rubber fins. The softcase doesn’t provide any real protection unfortunately. As mentioned above, the eartip choices also seem a little funny, as there’s one small set and two medium sets. The medium size is a bit larger than normal so I guess that’s why they cut out the additional size option. However I am a fan of the long charging cable, which means your earphones won’t be left dangling from a charging point. The fins are also a handy inclusion and the three size options should keep everyone happy.

The Uprise Bluetooth sports earphones verdict

House of Marley Uprise Bluetooth sports earphones earpiece
The Uprise earpiece without the eartip attached.

House of Marley has put together a great sports design here at a competitive price. I’m a fan of the punchy audio, although bass addicts should look elsewhere. The sports specs are great, with a tangle-free cable, earhooks and water resistance included. I’d like to see a hardcase included at this price range however and the limited eartip options also leave some room for improvement.


Full info on House of Marley Uprise page.

  • Bluetooth® Wireless Connectivity
  • 8-Hour Battery Life
  • Sweat-Proof & Weather Resistant (IPX5 Rated)
  • Customizable Fit (Hanger & Fin options)
  • Microphone & 3-Button controls
  • Quick Charge
  • Tangle-free Braided Cable
  • Angled Ergonomic Port
  • 3 Size Ear Gels (S, M x 2)
  • Accessories: Stash Bag and Charging Cable
House of Marley has put together a great sports earphone here, with all the features needed for a good workout wear.
Worth it?91
Reader Rating6 Votes42
Stays firmly in place during workouts
Tangle-free cable
Water resistant to IPX5
Good audio for the price
Bass could be stronger
Only two eartip sizes
No hardcase
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