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Bluetooth experts Jam Audio are back with the lightweight Live Loud in-ear headphones. The sporty design features IPX4 sweat resistance and three hours of playtime, which extends to 12 hours with the use of the charging case. The Bluetooth 5.0 design will set you back $40 USD (£49.99, $70 CAD, $80 AUD). I’ve also reviewed Jam Out There ANC Headphones if you’d prefer those to in -ears.

Who is the Jam Live Loud for?

The Jam Live Loud is perfect for listening on the go. The IPX4 sweat resistance makes it great for fitness fans as well as commuters and light travellers. The design will suit buyers who don’t need any bells and whistles, and at $40 it’s also pretty affordable.

Bass-driven Bluetooth in-ears

The Jam Live Loud Bluetooth in-ears and charging case.
The Jam Live Loud Bluetooth in-ears and charging case.

The Jam Live Loud pumps phat, bass-driven audio. The Bluetooth in-ears have a modern, fun sound that features pushed bass and tremble prominently. The mids still come through, so the audio is balanced enough to work with chart music as well as guitar-driven genres. Jam has hit the mark here and delivered solid audio performance for the price.

IPX4 water resistance for hitting the gym

Jam Live Loud Bluetooth in-ear headphones earpieces
The Live Loud in-ears.

If you live in a rainy city like me, or like to work out then water resistance is always a handy inclusion. The Live Loud Bluetooth in-ears offer an IPX4 rating, so they are protected from splashing water. In practice that means they’d be good for a sweaty workout or a rainy commute. Anything more intense than that would definitely be stretching the limits of what an IPX4 device can handle though.

Hit and miss with the accessories

Jam Live Loud Bluetooth in-ear headphones accessories
The Live Loud charging cable and eartips.

Jam has kept it real simple with the accessories. Included with the Live Loud is a charging case, a 26cm charging cable and three eartip sizes. The hardshell case is a nice inclusion that will keep your earphones safe in your bag. The cable is a little on the short side however. It’s at the kind of length that leaves the case dangling in the air if you have to charge it from an elevated position. The eartips didn’t really hit the mark either. The average medium-sized eartips you get with most earphones fit me perfectly. However the Live Loud came with the following sizes: very small, small and large. None of which was quite right for me, but your mileage may vary of course.

Suitable for sports applications?

The Live Loud is a lightweight model that’s great for wearing while out and about. The design sits snugly in the ear, which makes it suitable for vigorous exercise. The comfort is reasonable for the price, although I wouldn’t say it’s particularly outstanding.

The Jam Live Loud verdict

Jam Live Loud Bluetooth in-ear headphones case
The Live Loud in-ears in the included charging case.

The Jam Live Loud is a simple set of Bluetooth in-ears that makes it easy to pump tunes while on the go. The charging case is a great addition, although the other accessories were a little underwhelming. Overall, at $40 they’re a good buy as a sports in-ear that won’t break the bank.

Jam Live Loud Bluetooth in ear headphones header
Jam Live Loud Bluetooth in-ears review
The Jam Live Loud is a well-priced sports in-ear that is great for listening on the go.
Worth it?
Reader Rating6 Votes
Punchy bass-driven audio
IPX4 sweat resistance
Included charging case
Eartip sizing is odd
Charging cable is on the short side
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