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Linner first entered the headphone market with their Kickstarter campaign in 2016. After exceeding their target goal of $30,000, they have since gone on to expand their product range and provide consumers with a cost-effective range of active noise cancelling headphones. Their most recent addition to their product lineout is the NC50. Which is also their first pair of wireless, Bluetooth compatible in-ear headphones. After testing out the NC50’s for well over two weeks, I now feel that I can write a concise Linner NC50 review. How they are bringing immense value to the marketplace? Lets find out. By the way, if you’re searching for mid range earphones for audio, visit the House of Marley Uplift 2 review.

Everything you need, in attractive packaging

Included in the box you’ll find a decent selection of ear-tips, a USB charging cable, and a small black bag to keep your headphones safe when not in use. On the headphones is the noise cancellation button, allowing for a quick switch between this feature being on and off. And easy to use volume and pause buttons, so you don’t have to constantly use your phone when changing songs.

A microphone can also be used if you like to take calls on your headphones. Although, I found the quality to be somewhat tinny and when the ANC feature is switched on a large amount of static can be heard.

Comfortable design but somewhat clunky

First off, let’s start with how they look and feel. The neckpiece sits comfortably on your shoulders and doesn’t look too out of place when under a t-shirt or coat. Personally, I’m not the biggest fanatic of headphones which have a neck piece on them. However, I find that the NC50 is so lightweight that after a few minutes, you’ll forget about the neckpiece.

Coated with a rubber material, they feel like a very sturdy pair of headphones which could take some knocks, before causing any serious damage to them. They are also rated IPX4, meaning they are splash and sweat resistant. Although I didn’t test this feature out by dowsing them in water, I did use them during one of my heavier workouts. After my workout they performed exactly as they had before, indicating no water damage had occured.

Although they aren’t the most stylish headphones, the comfort and durability make up for their overall aesthetic design.

Linner NC50 review: Headphones and Container
NC50 Headphones and Container

Sound Quality

The most important feature in a pair of headphones is, of course, the sound quality. The NC50’s has a frequency range of 20Hz-20KHz, which can be heard in the bass, but not so much In the mids and highs.

When listening to bass heavy songs I was pleasantly satisfied with how they performed. I also found that the sound didn’t spill too far out around me to other commuters on my train. A slight problem I found was that the high-ends were somewhat metallic and didn’t quite capture the quality of some songs.

Noise cancellation at a great price

The main selling point for a pair of Linner headphones is the active noise cancelling feature. Which I found myself to be very impressed with how the NC50’s performed in this regard. On the neckpiece, is a small button, which when pressed either turns on or off the ANC. At first, it may appear that the function only slightly lower or increase the volume, however, that’s not the case.

Whilst commuting, I tested out this feature in a variety of different scenarios and found that the noise cancellation genuinely worked and made the overall listening experience very pleasurable. Whilst also cutting out the unwanted sound of commuter chatter on loud buses and trains.

Linner NC50 review: ANC Button
NC50 ANC Button

Staying active with the NC50’s

On the list of features, a key point is that they are sweat-proof. To me, this indicates that Linner is trying to market the NC50’s as a pair of headphones to frequent exercisers. For weight lifting, static cardio and cycling, they work fine and stay securely in-ear and around the neck. However, for runners, you’ll find the neckpiece will bounce around too much, to the point of it being too noticeable.

So, keep this in mind when deciding whether to purchase a pair and if you want to use them solely for running then I’d suggest opting for a sleeker model such as the Bose Soundsport wireless.

Linner NC50 review: Features and Gym Promotion
NC50 Features and Gym Promotion

Seamless Bluetooth connectivity

The NC50’s are Linner’s first pair of wireless headphones and as a first attempt, they’ve done a great job! They connect seamlessly to my smartphone and I haven’t had any connection interruptions at all since using them. Compared to other pairs of Bluetooth headphones I’ve reviewed, I found the NC50’s to pair with my smartphone faster. Allowing for an overall quicker connection time, which when constantly switching between different pairs of headphones goes a long way.

The range of the Bluetooth is around 10m, which could be improved in future pairs. However, if you’re less forgetful than me and don’t forget to bring your phone with you around the house then this won’t be an issue.

Battery Life

On the box, they claim to have a battery life of 13, however, I found them to be closer to 14 hours. Whilst for some users, this battery life may be a hassle, I found that the charging time compensates for this.

Linner NC50 review: Headphones themselves
NC50 Headphones

Linner NC50 review conclusion

In my opinion, the NC50’s are a great pair of budget headphones if you’re looking for Bluetooth connectivity and ANC. Although there are some changes which could be made in their next model to increase the value of these headphones. I’m happy I got the chance to review them and they are now my go-to pair of headphones when exercising.

Linner NC50 review: close up
NC50 Headphones

On Linner’s website, they claim they are disrupting the noise cancelling earphone market. While I don’t think they are quite there yet, after only being around for less than two years and already producing great products like the NC50, they are 100% a brand to look out for in the future.


  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • Wireless Headphones (Bluetooth 4.1) Sports Earphones
  • HD Stereo
  • Monitor Mode
  • IPX4 Sweatproof
  • 13 Hours Playtime
  • Neckband Magnetic Earbuds Headset with Mic
  • Black/Blue/White

NC50 Specs:

  • Talk time: Up to 13 hours
  • Charging port: Micro USB
  • Charging time: 2 Hours
  • Voice Prompt
  • Standby time: 400 Hours
  • Sweat proof
  • Bluetooth version: V4.1
  • Bluetooth profiles: HFP v1.6, HSP v1.2, A2DP v1.2, AVRCP v1.4
  • Operating distance: approx. 33ft/10m

What’s In the Box:

  • 1 x Linner NC50 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones
  • 3 x Ear tips (L, M, S)
  • 3 x Ear Hooks
  • 1 x Hop Pocket
  • 1 x User Guide
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
linner nc50
Linner NC50
Linner's first pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones combines noise cancelling technology and functional design for an overall great product at a competitive price.
Sound quality
Worth it?
Reader Rating86 Votes
Decent noise cancellation.
Competitive price.
Active monitoring.
Sweat and water resistant.
Lightweight and easy to use.
Can’t be used while running.
High-end sound quality somewhat lacklustre.
Not the most attractive design.
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