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ModMic Wireless Bluetooth headphones mic on headphones
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Antlion Audio has been making headphone mics since 2011 and the new ModMic Wireless is their best work yet. The ModMic Wireless allows you to turn your headphones into a headset with a quality mic. With this release, Antlion Audio have simplified the design, expanded the capability to Bluetooth and made an all-around stronger product. The ModMic Wireless will set you back $120 USD.

Quick and Easy Set-up

We’ve reviewed the ModMic 4 and ModMic 5 previously, and they performed well. However, the wired ModMic designs were just a bit fiddly for my tastes, with the dual cable system and integrated mute control adding to the cable run. Antlion Audio has solved that with the ModMic Wireless headphone mic, which is gloriously simple. The steps to get it running are now quite easy. All you need to do is stick the adhesive magnet onto your headphones, put the mic in place, plug in the USB receiver to your device and turn on the ModMic Wireless. Voila, you’re now up and running! Additionally, the Bluetooth receiver is plug and play, so there’s no pesky driver installations to worry about either.

Who is the ModMic Wireless for?

ModMic Wireless Bluetooth headphones mic
The ModMic Wireless headset with receiver and charging cables.

Like most gamers and audiophiles, I have my favourite set of cans. However not every set of headphones comes with an integrated mic, especially if you have headphones intended for pro audio applications. The ModMic Wireless is a solution to let you keep your favourite cans and still have the convenience of an integrated mic. With voice communication now at the core of modern gaming, it’s safe to say most ModMic Wireless users will be gamers. The ModMic wireless headphone mic is also a natural fit for other uses like social and professional VoIP applications.

Fair audio quality

The ModMic Wireless produces good audio quality which will definitely do the trick for gaming, voice communication and amateur podcasting. The quality isn’t at professional level though, so if you make your living off voice work, I’d get a dedicated microphone instead. There’s two modes of operation: omnidirectional and unidirectional. You can change between the modes using the switch on the boom arm. The omnidirectional mode is a little fuller sounding, while unidirectional rejects more room noise.

No shortage of accessories

ModMic Wireless Bluetooth headphones mic case
The ModMic Wireless accessories in the hardcase.

Antlion Audio ship the ModMic Wireless with the mic and connectors, pop filter, USB 2.0 receiver, 150cm USB charging cable, 100cm charging cable extension, hardcase and a cable clip. It’s everything you need and the hardcase is a nice touch.

Durability and comfort

ModMic Wireless Bluetooth headphones mic USB
Another view of the ModMic Wireless.

The ModMic Wireless is built tough enough for home and office use. All the accessories are built to a good quality and you’ve also got the hardcase to protect your investment. That said, the ModMic is hard plastic, so there is a limit to its durability for anything more taxing than domestic use. On the positive side, the build is quite lightweight, so there’s no noticeable weight added to your headphones. The boom arm is flexible but holds its place firmly once you position it, while the magnetic clasp has four locking positions which allow the boom arm angle to be changed at the base. The ModMic would be easier to position if they used a clasp with 8 or 12 positions though.

Solid value for wireless headphone mic solution

The ModMic Wireless is a great design and a step forward for Antlion Audio. The audio quality and durability is decent, but neither is outstanding for the cost. What you’re paying for here is a simple, user-friendly way to turn your headphones into a headset. And it does exactly that. The move to a wireless headphone mic design makes the ModMic a lot more attractive as well.

ModMic Wireless Bluetooth headphones mic on headphones
Antlion Audio ModMic Wireless Headphone Mic
Antlion Audio have stepped up their game with the ModMic Wireless. It's easier than ever to turn your favourite set of headphones into a headset with the new design!
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