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Monster DNA In-Ear Headphones

Monster DNA In-Ear Headphones Review
Monster DNA In-Ear Headphones Review

Monitoring monstrously amazing sounds!

Monster is one of the few brands that mingle quality features with comfort and the Monster DNA In-Ear Headphones are a testament to it. With a great outlook, combined with amazing sounds as well as the ease of usage, it does make up as one hell of a set of headphones.

Not to pull off a cliché, but Monster DNA Headphones sure do live up to the company name. Bundled up in an amazingly posh package (a trait acknowledged by all Monster customers), it comes with a protective case to secure the accessories when not in use, along with multiple ear-tips that customize it for you, fit better and don’t strain your ears. The overall design is lightweight, the cords tangle-free and comfortable and if the style doesn’t appeal to you, the Monster DNA sound is sure to take your breath away with the crystal-clear voice quality that it delivers. Even though it isn’t entirely flat sound friendly, the rest of its overpowering features leave no room to prove its worth. Not only punchy bass, but even hints of it are clearly distinguished in it, along with immaculate highs and easy going mids, as compared to other headphones. That is to say the sound isn’t going to be a pain for your ears. It gives you a smooth warm sound, good for long hours of listening. It’s nothing something I’d prefer for vocal or cleaner sounds though, it’s rather the bass that’s really good on these earphones. It’s really good if you’re into some groovy drum-bass music. These in-ear headphones are also efficient in isolating background noise, so you can enjoy listening to your favourite music, or entertain calls without the fear of getting disturbed by the environment (sucks if you live in your mom’s basement though, because you are NOT going to hear her calling!). Another notable feature that these headphones attract are that they’re both iPhone and Android friendly, which basically adds to its ‘use whenever, wherever’ qualities.

Priced at £79.95 these headphones are designed for and promise a range of high-powered music delights. If you’re someone who appreciates metal rock, electric pop or drum and electric guitar solos, I’d say these headphones are the pair for you!

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CA: Amazon

AU: Harveynorman


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UK: Currys





Works perfectly, sound is great. You’ve got a superbass that just kick it in but doesn’t fade the rest of the sound. Keeps the noise outside so you just ear the music, you don’t have to turn the volume all the way. So it helps to protect your earing system from the db. Price paid ($60) vs quality it’s a great deal.
Sound great for metal/djent music, which is hard to find in most earbuds. I also just tried them with some Skrillex and it sounds stellar, definitely designed with modern EDM/dubstep in mind.
It’s been a while since I’ve received a set of headphones that impressed me out of the box. This one impressed me. I wasn’t blown away, but I was impressed.
Packaging is one of the best I have seen. Top notch quality.

  • Brand Monster
  • Product type Headphones
  • Design In-ear
  • Model DNA w/ Apple ControlTalk
  • Addtional features Noise Isolation
  • Colour Black/Chrome


Sound quality93
Worth it?85
Reader Rating125 Votes74
Ultra-Dynamic Sound, Lightweight & Comfortable, Tangle-Free, Control Talk Apple Cable
Not great for acoustic, vocal, opera, or classical music. Bass Dominated sound
  1. 66

    Fantastic sound, great packaging, build quality excellent except they fall out of my ears if I move about and I’ve tried the different plugs made no difference. Have been advised by forum members to buy a set of TSX-200 Comfort PLUS Earphone Tips With Wax Guard hopefully they will do the trick.

    Sound quality user95
    Worth it? user85
    Features user85
    1. Ears are never the same and are unique for everybody, this can be a problem for some. We’ll take a look at those TSX-200 tips and get an article on them.

  2. Positives: Good for base only, build quality is also good.Negatives: to extract mid and treble it needed pumped up viper EQ settings on android Samsung note 3 volume controls are unusable too so be warned.


    Bought these to replace to replace damaged Samsung supplied earphones but I am Highly disappointed for spending 145€ with no serious jump in audio quality for the money.

    Sound quality user30
    Worth it? user0
  3. Positives: Decent built quality.

    Beat fans might like Monster earphones.Negatives: Overpowered bass with complete lack of clarity in the sound.


    I feel the author of this post really liked this pair of earphones, but i purchased a pair of this Monster DNA Earbuds and i dislike them, here is why:

    1.- Sound is too similar to Beats earphones, lots of overpowered bass, but complete lack of clarity on the sound.

    2.- This earphones become very uncomfortable after more than 2 hours of use.

    3.- This earphones are constantly falling down from my ears which is pretty annoying, i tried different ear-tips, like the small, medium and the big ones that are included, but the earphones are still falling down.

    4.- The included remote control for answering calls and leveling up or down the volume is only compatible with iOS.

    Conclusion: Monster earphones are too similar to Beats earphones, uncomfortable and crappy sound with overpowered bass.

    Get this earphones only if you are a basshead.

    Sound quality user32
    Worth it? user45
    Features user42

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