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MPOW Bass Bluetooth Speaker Review

MPOW Bass Bluetooth speaker rope

The MPOW Bass Bluetooth speaker is a rugged little unit that you can pick up for $40. It has 22 hours playtime, adjustable EQ and is waterproof (IP5X rating). It’s got a little something under the hood that separates it from other sports speakers though. You can also check out the Jam Hang Around Review if you love looking at rugged devices in this price range.

Included power pack allows charging other devices

The unique feature of the MPOW Bass Bluetooth speaker is its 4400mAh power bank, which allows you to charge other devices while out of the house. There’s nothing more frustrating that having to head home on a day out because your phone is about to die, so I’m a big fan of this feature. The power pack operates via a USB-A out.

The MPOW Bass Bluetooth speaker is shockproof and built tough for outdoor activities. It weighs 720 grams, so it’s light enough to attach to a backpack with the included strap. Due to its size, the speaker isn’t something I’d want to carry around in my pocket though. The IP5X waterproof rating is another handy inclusion which we’ll discuss further down.

Good sound for the price

MPOW Bass Bluetooth speaker top
The MPOW Bass Bluetooth speaker.

The MPOW Bass Bluetooth speaker has good sound for the price, but it doesn’t punch above its weight. The standard EQ mode of the speaker is well-balanced, with a bit of a boost to the treble and mids. Guitar-based music sounds great in this mode, with the punchy midrange bringing out a satisfying guitar sound. There’s enough low end on tap for it to sound good for bass-focused styles as well, although I wouldn’t call it a big bass speaker. The second EQ mode boosts the low end response heavily, but I didn’t find it very useable. The speaker just ends up sounding muddy, and this mode also cuts too much of the mid-range and treble out.

IPX5 waterproof

The Bass waterproof Bluetooth speaker boasts an IPX5 dust and waterproof rating. This means that it can withstand dust as well as water projected from a nozzle. As you can see in our video waterproof test, it can weather a good soaking without missing a beat. After the test it continued to work without any hitches.


MPOW Bass Bluetooth speaker accessories
The included accessories.

MPOW include the following accessories with the MPOW Bass Bluetooth speaker: nylon pouch, carrying strap, charging cable and auxiliary cable. The pouch doesn’t provide much protection but the speaker itself is pretty tough so it doesn’t really need it. The charging cable is 80cm long and the auxiliary cable is 120cm. The accessory quality isn’t as tough as the speaker itself, but what you get is fair for the price.

The MPOW Bass Bluetooth speaker verdict

MPOW Bass Bluetooth speaker top second
The speaker with its carrying strap.

The MPOW Bass Bluetooth speaker is a great deal at $40. The IP5X waterproof rating, tough build and light weight make it a real contender as a budget sports Bluetooth speaker. The audio is good for the price, although it doesn’t hit above the price range. The included power bank for charging other devices is a very nice inclusion as well.

*Note that this MPOW device is sometimes referred to the Armor Plus speaker or the BassUp speaker.


– 4400 mAh Power Bank

– IP5X waterproof and dustproof

– Two 8W total acoustic drivers

– Hands-free calling

The MPOW Bass Bluetooth speaker is a great deal at $40. The IP5X waterproof rating, tough build and light weight make it a real contender as a budget sports Bluetooth speaker.
Build quality98
Worth it?96
Reader Rating3 Votes79
IP5X waterproof and dustproof
Powerbank for charging other designs
Built tough
Sounds good for a range of music styles
Bass mode produces flubby results
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