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Promethean P3115: One of the Best Bass Combo Amps

Promethean P3115: One of the Best Bass Combo Amps

by 2013/08/02


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Promethean P3115


Easy To Use, Excellent Sound, Good Warmth, Portable, Powerful, Great Value


The sealed cabinet (no ports) is the limiting factor here, the speaker used is rather light duty for a 300W amp

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Bass Amp for Live Performers

Ibanez is known as the creator of some of the best bass combo amps out there. An addition to their Promethean combo series is the 300 watts P3115 amp. The Promethean P3115 is a professional bass combo amp, designed specifically for live performers to carry over to tPromethean P3115 bass ampheir gigs and set it up. With its powerful 15 inch speaker, Ibanez aims to cater live performers and stresses on its loud output. It eliminates the needless high frequency and features a Class-D power amp. It also has an AUX input that lets you perform with a combined CD player or MP3.

The price of Ibanez Promethean is around £339, which is a reasonable figure considering the features it has to offer. Despite its size, it is quite compact for a combo and very easy to take wherever you want. Following the Promethean standard, P3115 also is quite charming and reasonably decent looking in its appearance in comparison with the other amps of its kind. Ibanez amps are usually capable of producing very loud, powerful and yet a pleasant hearty sound. Hence it is no surprise that the P3115 produces a very lovely profound tone.

Despite its versatile tone, the sound range can be bit of a limitation for louder bands. You might need to max it out in the jam room when with louder co-players. Apart from that, there isn’t much to criticize about this product; it has clarity and deepness in the bottom sound that makes up for its lack of range. The sound produced by P3115 nears the old school feel, giving it a definitive taste. The Class-D amp promises a consistent performance and quality. The strong output and latest functions make it easier to adapt during the live shows. P3115 is unanimously considered a compact worth the bucks. So if you’re a musician who spends more time on stage than in the studio and you want a reliable workhorse, then this compact is worth a shot.

Having played with my Hartke lh 500 which is very good I found this Ibanez Promethean 300 head I had to change my amp because this new amp is so small and nice. I say it will push all the watts it promises. I know because I have used it on my gospel gigs.

I am pleased with its overall tone. Not muffled, and capture the full bass range well.

Very impressed with this amp. Light, compact, big low end and great mid's. Plus at a value price. I've owned several new age, lighter weight compacts (G-K, Eden) but this amp exceeds them in all respects, IMO.

Got more that I really expected. I have owned other smaller compact, lightweight bass combos. This is the best.

  • Output Power: 300 watts
  • Speaker Unit: 15 in. Speaker with Piezo tweeter
  • Controls:
  • - Gain
  • - Bass
  • - Middle
  • - Treble
  • - Phat
  • - Master
  • - Limiter on/off Switch
  • Inputs:
  • - Input
  • - AUX input
  • Outputs:
  • - Headphones Out
  • - Balanced Line out (XLR)
  • Cabinet: Closed back
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 17.7x 14.4 x 21.7 in.
  • Weight: 37.4 lbs.
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