Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar

Q Acoustics Media 4
Q Acoustics Media 4

The Q acoustics Media 4 sound bar came out in June and is perfect for enhancing the normal sound of your TV. It is much bigger than the Bose’s cinemate 15 which we previously reviewed but that is because it includes a built-in subwoofer rather than having an external subwoofer. This means it is much easier to set up as there are less things to connect. It can be used on its own for great effect thanks to ‘BMR’ (Balanced Mode Radiator) speaker drive units which helps disperse sound around the room for that fuller 2.1 home Cinema experience.

As quoted from Alex Munro

The new Media 4 (or ‘Q M4’ as it’s likely to become known) is; like all Q Acoustics products, innovative, simple to use, easy to install and delivers a class leading sonic performance.”

sound dispersion m4
Explanation of sound dispersion

Of course Q acoustics have included analog connections and digital optical output so you can connect the sound bar to your TV. They’ve also added V4.0 Bluetooth connection so you can sync up to 8 devices and stream music via your phone or tablet. In addition to that there is an NFC connectivity meaning you can place a device on the top and it will automatically connect via Bluetooth. It costs a fair price of £399, double the price of the previous QTV3 that they came out with and £150 less than the Bose Cinemate 15. It doesn’t come with very many sound modes but this works in its favour because it means it is very simple to use for the average consumer. The controller is sort of disappointing because it just adjusts volume and turns on the power but this doesn’t really matter as you won’t need it if you use sky or virgin TV providers.

q acoustics Media 4 connections
Basic diagram of setup variations.

In the box you will get most the leads apart from the optical one, which is actually usually recommended for the best quality and it’s a shame they haven’t provided this. You also get rubber feet which should be put on to get the best out of the media 4 because they reduce vibrations.

There are not many reviews out there so it is difficult to make a good judgement, but so far from all the people that bought it, there are no complaints of sound quality. In fact they claim that the sound is clear and when it is turned up to a higher volume it maintains that quality. It packs 100watts of power in total so no surprises there (2 x 25W for the 2 front channels and 50W for the subwoofer).

There is no HDMI input, this is one of the so-called downsides, but the thing is if you look at other sound bars such as the Cinemate 15, you will notice that they don’t have this either so I wouldn’t say it’s a negative point. All in all you are not getting ripped off for this, it’s a good price, great sound, easy to set up, thus it’s a must have! It might not be as good as 5.1 surround sound but it is the next best thing for the expense.

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really glad I got the M4, it delivered in a massive way. It sounds superb as soon as you crank it up slightly, making speech, effects and music utterly superb. There is little you can do to describe a sound in writing. I wish I could, because I can’t think of praise high enough. If it’s in your budget, do yourself a favour and check it out.
A great product with awesome reviews. This soundbar really comes into its own when you crank up the sound, action films on BRD sound great.

  • Audio performance
  • Power output 100W (2 x 25W + 50W) total amplification
  • THD (at rated power) <1.00%
  • Frequency response +/-0.5dB 20Hz to 20kHz
  • S/N ratio (A-Wtd) -85dB
  • Line in 1 (RCA phono) input sensitivity 2.0Vrms
  • Line in 1 (RCA phono) input overload 2.2Vrms
  • Line in 2 (3.5mm jack) input sensitivity 1.0Vrms
  • Line in 2 (3.5mm jack) input overload 1.2Vrms
  • Speakers
  • LR drivers BMR 65mm x 65mm
  • Subwoofer Twin coil 100mm x 150mm
  • Power consumption
  • Standby
  • No signal (idle) 14 Watts
  • Rear panel marked line ratings 100~240V – 50~60Hz 100W
  • Bluetooth®
  • Bluetooth specification V4.0 class 2 device
  • Latency 6ms
  • Internal stereo CODEC 16-bit
  • Stereo audio sample rate up to 48kHz
  • Music enhancements aptX®, SBC, MP3
  • Support for A2DP, 802.11 co-existence
  • Dimensions
  • (W x H x D) 1000mm x 90mm x 142mm
  • Height including feet 105mm
  • Weight
  • Total weight 4.9 kg

Q acoustics
Armour home

Sound quality95
Worth it?90
Reader Rating24 Votes78
Great sound
All-in-one System
Very easy to setup
Limited functions
Big device
  1. Hi ,
    I currently have option to buy Bose cinemate 15 or qacoustics media 4… roughly for same price .
    Because of discounts , they both sell for same price.

    Which one do you recommend ?


    1. I would suggest going with the Bose Cinemate 15 because it has a better driver array that can focus sound by sensing the room. The only drawback is you will need more space to occupy the AccoustiMass module somewhere.
      Whereas the QAcoustics media 4 comes with stereo speakers that can fill the room with lively, crisp natural sounds.
      It is a hard choice indeed. Both offer immersive listening experience. I would go with the Bose because of their AcoustiMass module that offers thumping bass performance.

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