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During a time of social isolation, TV entertainment is king. By now you’ll be probably noticing your poor quality audio systems and how difficult it is to hear your favourite TV shows with the whispers of Actors. Sometimes subtitles are the solution, and if there aren’t any, an increase in volume may be the next best bet. Turning the volume up just makes action scenes crazy loud and unbearable for any other occupants in the house, including the watcher.

Sennheiser have introduced a whole range of audio equipment in 2020, from wireless headphones for personal listening, to the proper Soundbar investment you’ve all been waiting for. If there are less rooms in your house, personal listening may be a better option. Watching as a family is a different story, you’re going to like the Ambeo if you’ve got the cash.


As soon as Airpods came out, there was a whole influx of a new, re-imagined in-ear headphones design. These are feature rich, in fact it’s actually amazing how much tech has been crammed into the Momentum True Wireless 2. My personal favourite features are the ANC, uncommon for in-ear headphones but necessary. This is then combined with ‘Transparent Hearing’ so you don’t accidentally walk in front of a lorry, or miss shouts for when dinner is ready.

Momentum True Wireless 2 In-ear Headphones

+ True wireless earbuds (No Wires)
+ Active noise cancellation to block outside noises
+ Transparent Hearing so you’re not completely blocked from the outside World
+ Excellent ergonomics, designed for long comfort
+ Customizable touch controls
+ 7-hour battery life (+21 hours when using the case)
+ Available in black or white


Sennheiser HD 450BT

The HD 450BT is fairly unique with its 30 hour battery life, which is arguably quite a long time for a pair of wireless headphones. Especially for its price point at £159.99, coming with Active Noise Cancellation and a four button control scheme, with a handy voice assistant button. There is the cheaper HD 350 without ANC, check out the comparison on the HD 450BT & 350BT Review!

sennheiser hd 450bt headphones
Sennheiser HD 450BT headphones

+ Includes Active noise cancellation
+ Bass Driven Audio
+ Four button controls, including voice assistant button
+ 30-hour battery life
+ Available in black or white



It does look like the kind of headphones a pilot would wear, heavy duty, comfortable with crisp sound. It has the most features, the best sound.. Again, it has ANC and transparent hearing (I like this). From Sennheiser’s marketing material, it suggests it would be best suited to those working at home seeking increased productivity. Because that’s what some music does, helps the brain focus; classical music is pretty good, even though it’s not my own preference. The 17 hour battery life from the Momentum Wireless 3, (Yes it is the 3rd I know) is thanks to the Auto ON/OFF and Pause functionality. This is really neat for making the most out of your playlist, I wonder if it works with Mixcloud though?

momentum wireless 3 sennheiser
Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 3 Headphones

+ Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
+ Situational Hearing for Awareness
+ Auto On/Off and Smart Pause to save battery life
+ Soft leather ear pads and headband
+ 17-hour battery life
+  Tile Bluetooth tracker (headphone finder)
+ Available in black or sandy white

Sennheiser HD 660S

This is for Studio Engineers, natural balanced audio for mixing and mastering. Or for the serious Audiophile, the wires make all the difference in terms of audio performance when connected to a High Res Headphone Amp like the HDV 820. There are no real features that aren’t audio focused apart from comfort, which you would expect for £429.29.

Sennheiser HD 660 S
Sennheiser HD 660 S Open Ear Studio Headphones

+ Authentic mid-frequency response with natural treble
+ Low impedance for stationary and mobile HiRes players
+ Lightweight and comfortable design


FLEX 5000

Okay so what are we looking at? Well some TVs don’t have a transmitter for Bluetooth, or a port for a 3.5mm lead. The Flex 5000 creates access to TV headphone listening but also improves the quality of dialog. To do this they have used an equaliser with pre-programmed settings to cut down unwanted background noises and bring forward the voices of actors.

flex headphones transmitter
Flex 5000 TV Headphones Transmitter

+ Audio profiles to enhance TV, movies or music
+ Speech Intelligibility button reduces
TV background noise for clearer dialog


Really the real deal, now try saying that 50 times. This is one awesome soundbar, it literally is AI and can scan a whole room to improve audio performance. The Ambeo Soundbar uses virtualization technology developed with Fraunhofer to find the Acoustic Characteristics of the room. It also has an App to control sound further to your liking. The best feature is the fact a sub woofer isn’t needed because there are so many drivers already to power 13 speakers. It is expensive, but you probably won’t need to buy another soundbar for home cinema for another 10 years.

  • 6x 4″ longthrow woofer, cellulose sandwich cone
  • 5x 1″ tweeter, aluminium dome tweeter
  • 2x 3.5″ fullrange driver (top-firing)


Sennheiser Home cinema Ambeo 3D Soundbar
Sennheiser Home Cinema: Ambeo Soundbar

+ Immersive 3D sound with powerful bass
+ Automated room calibration for tailored sound
+ Supports 3D audio formats such as Dolby Atmos,

+ Upmix Technology to recreate stereo and 5.1 Surround



It has been a while since we’ve reviewed any Soundbars, mainly because of the shear amount of headphones we keep receiving. We do have brilliant Best Speakers for Home Guide as a cheaper alternative with some classics at an affordable price. In other news it’s Sennheiser’s 75th Anniversary after being founded in 1945. In 2018 they generated 710M Euros, so there has been much love for this brand over the years!

Search Sennheiser on SoundReview to find other products we’ve reviewed in the past.

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