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Sonos Playbar: HD TV SoundBar

Sonos Playbar: HD TV SoundBar

by 2013/10/25


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Stylish design and good built quality. High detailed sound. Easy streaming and networking.


Expensive. Only optical connection is available.

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Is achieving 5.1 sound possible through Sonos wireless audio system?

Sonos is a well reputed brand known for their high quality and multi room audio systems. The Sonos Playbar is separately a 3.0 sound system with one central and two speakers on each side it can be synced perfectly with other Sonos players to achieve a 3.1 or 5.1 hi-fi home theatre system. With the Playbar you can access all the music in your computer or smart phone apps as well as connect it to your TV. It has an optical input to connect with TVs so it can easily replace any television’s internal speakers. The Sonos Playbar is very slim, under 9cm and since it is especially designed to be placed on top or under your 42 inches or bigger television sets, it is 90cm wide.  It as a soft fabric grille and the rest is constructed from aluminium which gives it a smooth effect. The Playbar weighs 5.4kg which isn’t principally light but it a great built quality and an attractive outlook. Sonos has made installation easy for new users but it requires a relatively tedious process than other sound bars. Those new to the Sonos system will have to install the Sonos app to sync their music, and use a router or Sonos Bridge to connect the Playbar with the rest of the wireless Sonos system. Once installed the Sonos app can be used to control the Playbar and the television set as well. The well-built device features six mid-range drivers and three tweeters. This drivers’ setup produces well detailed and three dimensional sound, music and dialogues both are delivered with great clarity and finesse. The Sonos Playbar is a great high quality device which will let you get rid of other home theatre systems and remote controls which tend to get lost every now and then. The Playbar, TV and the rest of the Sonos sound system devices can be controlled by one smartphone or computer via the Sonos app. It has excellent hi-fi sound results with an expansive soundstage. However priced at £599 it doesn’t come cheap and the cost elevates to around £2000 if you want the system to be upgraded to 5.1.


United States: Target, Amazon

United Kingdom: JohnLewis, Currys



The Sonos Playbar is cleverly designed and does great fake surround, but it's better suited to current Sonos customers than newcomers.

Sonos is the Man U of speakers. It will replace your existing setup. And it will take your money. Because it's brilliant.

Playbar is not really for mid and large HDTV application due to its lacking of HDMI, DTS and the length.

People who buy this aren’t buying it because it is a soundbar. They’re buying it because it’s a great addition to a complete Sonos distributed audio or whole home audio system.

  • Subwoofer (hwd, mm) n/a
  • Multichannel analogue In 0
  • Hard disk (Gb) n/a
  • Speakers (hwd, mm) n/a
  • Head unit (hwd, mm) 9x90x14
  • Phono In 0
  • Rated power (w) n/a
  • Memory card No
  • LW No
  • MP3 Yes
  • MW No
  • Optical digital In 1
  • HDMI In 0
  • Pro-Logic II No
  • HDMI Out No
  • Internet radio Yes
  • Internet/networking capability Yes
  • S-Video In 0
  • SACD No
  • SW No
  • USB In No
  • Wireless rear speakers Yes
  • S-Video Out No
  • HDMI 1.3a No
  • Records DVD+R/+RW No
  • Records DVD-RAM No
  • RGB Scart In 0
  • RGB Scart Out 0
  • Pro-Logic IIx No
  • Ethernet Ethernet
  • Composite Out 0
  • DAB No
  • Dolby Digital EX No
  • Dolby Digital Plus No
  • Composite In 0
  • Component Out 0
  • Analogue audio In 0
  • Blu-ray No
  • Coaxial digital In 0
  • Component In 0
  • HD DVD No
  • Dolby TrueHD No
  • DVD-A No
  • DVD-RAM No
  • FireWire In 0
  • FM No
  • DTS 96/24 No
  • DVD+R/+RW No
  • DTS HD No
  • DVD No
  • DTS Neo: 6 No
  • DTS-ES No
  • DTS Master Audio No

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