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Subwoofer Review: Sonos Sub


The Subwoofer lives up to the Sonos Family Standard

Sonos is a well-established Californian company with the goals of achieving hi-fi sound via wireless music systems. It is known for producing high quality devices reputed to have replaced their competitors from many homes. Given the laws of physics, small sized speakers can only produce a certain amount of bass due to their compact designs. Keeping this in mind, Sonos has come up with a solution. The Sonos Sub is a subwoofer complimentary to the wireless speakers and other devices.

The Sonos Sub is large, black and square shaped with a polo-like hole in the centre also shaped like a square with rounded curves. It weighs 16kgs which makes the device quite hefty. However due to Sonos wireless syncing of their audio devices, it can be placed anywhere in the house. The Sonos Sub produces absolutely no vibration or rattling which is a plus point in case of woofers and subwoofers. The subwoofer has a Ethernet port at the bottom for connecting to the Internet via a router. However if the router is not in the same room as your Sonos devices, you will require a Sonos Bridge which will become the access point for all the devices.

It is easy to setup. The Sonos family audio devices rely on the Sonos app for functioning. The app needs to be upgraded for controlling the Sonos Sub and then it can effectively pair with other Sonos products. The sound of the Sonos Sub is exceptional. It booms out enhanced Hi-Fi audio from any device it is connected to; great depth and bass can be added to the audio quality of Play:3, Play:5 and even the television sets. Available for a price of £599 the Sonos Sub is an expensive but worthwhile addition to your Sonos in-house music system.


The joy of Sonos kit is that it’s so ridiculously easy to set up. I absolutely love their kit
This is not a “so-so” subwoofer. How this thing only got a 7 for performance is beyond me. This thing BOOMS!
As yet, there’s no way to play iPlayer content; Sonos hasn’t given any indication it’s planning that.
The sub is probably the one speaker in the sonos line where I would say that price matches sound quality.

  • Height 15-7/8″
  • Width 15″
  • Depth 6-1/4″
  • Weight 36.3 pounds
  • Number of Speakers per Package 1
  • Speaker Use Subwoofer
  • Number of Speakers 2
  • Impedance 8 ohms
  • UPC 180501002571


Sound quality85
Worth it?75
Reader Rating3 Votes0
Powerful bass production. No hassle of wiring and connecting with other devices. Good glossy design.
Only compatible with Sonos products.
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