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Soundpeats A2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review

Soundpeats A2 Wireless Headphones
Soundpeats A2 Wireless Headphones

Soundpeats are a relatively new company but they seem to be progressing quickly and they’ve not blotted their copybook with a poor product yet – I had high hopes for the Soundpeats A2s.

We recently reviewed the Soundpeats Q32 wireless earphones and were pretty much blown away with their features, build quality and audio performance. I was pretty excited to see whether the Soundpeats A2 would tick the same boxes at a similarly shockingly low price.

These headphones cost just £28 or $35.99 which should plant them firmly in the budget or mid-tier of Bluetooth headphones.

Can they follow in the footsteps of the Soundpeats Q32s and punch above their price-tag?

Inside the Soundpeats A2 Box

The Soundpeats A2 are over-ear headphones with a simple no-frills design. The plastic headband feels strong and features the usual horizontal adjustment but no adjustment is possible other than that. They’re not particularly chunky or at all oversized, compact enough for those who are conscious about having massive cans over their head.

Inside the Soundpeats A2 Box
Inside the Soundpeats A2 Box

In addition to the headphones themselves, you get a carry bag, a micro USB charger and a 3.5mm AUX jack for wired use. Yep, it’s possible to switch the A2s to wired mode, offering unlimited battery life for when the headphones run out. This is a pleasant addition at the price.

I tested the earpads by prodding them with my fingers (very scientific), they’re lovely and soft and this does indeed transfer to the ears when you stick them on. To me, this is really important. I own Sennheiser HD-380s and they are NOT comfy on the ears –  I genuinely want to rip them off after about half an hour of use! In fact, I’d say the number one reason why people shelve over-ears headphones is because they’re uncomfortable.

Soundpeats say they use memory foam – I have my doubts about that – but whatever foam it is, it’s very comfy and that’s all that matters.

Battery Life

Soundpeats claim between 10 and 20 hours of music playback on a single charge of their 420mAh battery, depending on volume and the type of music played (bassier music draws more power).

10 to 20 hours is up there with competitor headphones from industry leaders Bose and Sony.

 Soundpeats A2 Earmuffs and Buttons
Soundpeats A2 Earmuffs and Buttons

There’s 4 buttons on the right headphone. A multi-function play/pause button, forward and back for skipping tracks and volume control and a separate bass-boost button! Old school…

Bluetooth Performance

Running on Bluetooth 4.1 with the CSR8645 chipset, the Soundpeats A2 support Qualcomm’s aptX Bluetooth audio codec which is getting on a bit now. AptX is still used in the majority of Bluetooth products and provides stable CD-quality audio with a maximum bit-rate of 352kbs.

For the price of these headphones, you really can’t expect an aptX HD Bluetooth chipset, let alone a Sony LDAC Bluetooth chipset so it’s all good – it’s just worth mentioning.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can still play pretty much any sound file you like on the Soundpeats A2s, including lossless formats like FLAC. They’ll just be limited to CD-quality, that’s all.


Pairing these headphones was easy. You just turn them by holding the multifunction button and then search with your device. I connected to a Motorola G, Sony Xperia Z5 compact and FiiO M7 audio player and encountered no issues.

The headphones offer a maximum range of 10m but you have to limit this to just a couple if you want to listen without glitches or drop-outs.

Sound Quality and Comfort

Soundpeats A2 Headphones
Soundpeats A2 Headphones

Testing the audio of the Soundpeats A2 was pretty exciting – I hadn’t seen a bass boost button on a pair of headphones for quite some time. I was anticipating the effect it’d have on some of my favourite bass-heavy tracks but was also anticipating an over-the-top or distorted tone.

The Soundpeats A2s don’t offer the same crazy plethora of options that the Soundpeats Q32s do but they do feature sizeable 40mm drivers which Soundpeats claim to provide “stadium sound”.

The reality is, increased driver size doesn’t necessarily correlate with improved sound quality and over-ear headphones need larger drivers as the speakers are positioned further away from your ear. Anyway, the proof is in the listening…

Without Bass Boost

The frequency spectrum is nicely balanced and the soundstage and stereo imaging of these headphones is pretty impressive. Balanced, warm and precise, I have absolutely no complaints or points of criticism about the audio quality of these headphones. Overall, I definitely feel that these headphones punch above their price tag in the audio department.

From classical to funk to jazz to dubstep, I was really very impressed with these headphone’s tone. The pressure is on for manufacturers to offer performance at reasonable prices but Soundpeats defy the price tags of their goods by offering something better than just ‘good’.

With Bass Boost

I fired up Soundcloud, stuck on a bass heavy track, cranked the volume up high, hit play and my temples and eardrums genuinely shook!

In summary, with the bass boost enabled, these headphones produce some serious bass and volume! All I can say is be careful listening for too long with the volume too high, you will damage your ears.

Usually, on my Sony Xperia Z5 compact, I have to listen on the highest or second highest volume setting but with these, that simply wouldn’t have been possible – it would hurt.

I’m not sure how or why the max volume on these headphones is louder than any I’ve ever owned but that’s the truth and I generally tend to listen to music on loud settings.

Techno, rock and metal aside, I put on some of my favourite jazz tracks and enjoyed how the bass boost breathed new-found weight and presence into the soft double bass parts and feathery bass drum hits of old recordings. Yep, I bass boosted jazz and was pleased with the results!

Also, for ambient, cinematic or film music, or indeed for videos and films themselves, the bass boost really does create a larger-than-life sound.

Bass boost divides people but to me, it’s not just a gimmick.

Soundpeats A2 Bass Boost
Soundpeats A2 Bass Boost

Whilst the boost does wonders for some tracks, it can bring out some rather distasteful resonance in others. I found pianos to be amongst the worst offenders in terms of instruments but voices weren’t always effected positively either.

won’t be leaving it on permanently but it’s definitely a worthwhile quirk that has a valid application for every genre of music, even if that does vie against conventional wisdom.

In-Call Functionality

These days, there aren’t many Bluetooth headphones that don’t also double up as a headset for taking wireless calls. The Soundpeats A2s enable this through a standard internal mic. Simply press the multifunction button to pick up a call and press it again to hang up. If you want to reject a call, double press the button.

Incall quality is good enough but it’s certainly nothing special and may not suffice in particularly loud environments.

Final Thoughts

Crucially, the Soundpeats A2s feature great audio quality. You’d really struggle to tell the difference between these headphones and far pricier competitor offerings. On the flip side, you’d probably find it relatively easy to sense the superior audio quality of these headphones if you compared them to other cheap models.

They simply sound better than they should for the money and to me, that’s one of the most important factors to bring into account when judging headphones of this type.

They don’t simply provide great quality for their price, they provide great audio quality from an objective perspective, in my opinion anyway.

Chinese audio manufacturers like Soundpeats are making it feel like you’re just paying for a name by siding with the big brands and for that, they deserve a lot of credit. It hasn’t always been like this – Chinese manufactured audio products were often seen as unreliable knock-offs.

The times, they are changing.

United States: Amazon

  • [ SUPERIOR Hi-Fi SOUND]: Build-in 40mm large-aperture driver, CSR chip and Bluetooth 4.1 technology with bass boost.
  • [ CUSTOM FIT & COMFORT: SoundPEATS A2 Bluetooth headphone come up with soft memory-protein earmuffs and adjustable headband
  • [ NEVER POWER OFF]: 2-IN-1 WIRELESS & WIRED MODE. Up to 20-hr playtime with a single charge in wireless mode. Or just slide the 3.5mm cable (included) swift for wired mode.
  • [ HANDS-FREE CALL]: Built-in Mic and button control, convenient for you to pick up an incoming call by simply pressing the button on the headphone. (Note: Mic works in wireless mode only). You can also volume +/- or play/pause your music both in wireless and wired modes.
  • [ WIDE COMPATIBLITY]: Compatible with phones with Bluetooth or 3.5mm audio jack, such as all iPhone X/8/7/7plus, Samsung Galaxy S8/S9/Edge, Android phones and more. Ideal for TV / PC / Gaming and cell phones. Note: A SEPARATE Bluetooth transmitter needed when connecting to TV or PC.

Soundpeats Website

The Soundpeats A2 are comfortable, reliable and feature great battery life. With plenty of volume and a bass boost function, what isn't to like? Factor in the cost and you've got a pair of headphones which defy far more expensive headphones from big brand competitors.
Sound quality87
Worth it?95
Reader Rating11 Votes49
Well built, reliable and comfortable
Very good audio quality
Extremely well priced in a market swamped with overpriced offerings
Bass boost function works effectively
None, unless the words 'bass boost' scare you or otherwise put you off!
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