Soundpeats Q32 True Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Review

Soundpeats Q32 Bluetooth Earphones
Soundpeats Q32 Bluetooth Earphones
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Soundpeats are another Chinese audio manufacturer that seems to be defying conventions in the audio industry with their shockingly well priced, feature-rich and innovatively designed audio devices. If you want something more sports friendly, check out the Jaybird X2 review.

They’re a relatively new company but they’ve been dotting up 5-star reviews across the internet and each of their new models seems to represent a clear progression. The Soundpeats Q32 is their latest offering in the true wireless earphone category. When you look down their astonishing feature-set and then glance over the price, you won’t be able to look at the Apple Airpods in the same way again.

The Soundpeats Q32's extraordinary feature-set
The Soundpeats Q32’s extraordinary feature-set

Let’s see if the Soundpeats Q32s tally as another awesome Soundpeats entry into the reasonably priced Bluetooth earphone market.

Inside the Soundpeats Q32 Box

The Soundpeats Q32’s box houses an awesome charging facility/carry case and with a 2600mAH battery, it can supposedly provide 18 to 20 full charges to both earphones.

Soundpeats Q32 Charging Box
Soundpeats Q32 Charging Box

Soundpeats say that each charge lasts 3 hours which means the Soundpeats have theoretical usage time of up to 60 hours. I’d be happy with a third of that. In addition to the case and earphones, you also get a huge selection of tips including winged tips, a short micro USB cable, a pouch and the manual.

Soundpeats Q32 With Accessories

The case is compact and feels really well built, as do the earphones themselves.

The button on the front of the case simply illuminates four LEDs which indicate the battery status of the case itself. According to the manual, 4 white LEDs illuminated continuously for 30 seconds indicates maximum charge – seems a little odd! Upon removing the earphones from the case you realise that they weigh very little, just 0.47g, and feature just one concave multi-function button per earphone.

Soundpeats Q32
Soundpeats Q32

Usage: Pairing

Once you remove the earphones from the case, you have to press and hold both buttons until the earphones connect to each other. You will hear a tone and then “connecting”. Then, after 4 seconds, they will automatically enter Bluetooth pairing mode (indicated by a red flashing light on the right earphone).

Occasionally, I found that I’d have to hold the multifunction button again to enter pairing mode. Either way, when the light starts flashing red, you can use your device to start searching for Bluetooth devices. I found it to be pretty crucial that you start searching for devices AFTER the earphone begins flashing and not before. I connected to a Motorola G, Sony Xperia Z5 compact and FiiO M7 audio player with no problems.

Mono Mode For Hands-free Use

The Soundpeats Bluetooth earphones also support mono mode for use when driving, taking calls, etc. To enter mono mode, you only remove one earphone – right or left – from the case and pair that by holding down the multifunction button until it flashes. You’ll notice it in your device list as either Soundpeats 32R (right) or 32L (left).

Call Functionality

The Soundpeats Q32s support lots of in-call functions which have become the standard for Bluetooth earphones. If you receive a call, press once to pick up and once to hang up. You can reject a call by long pressing the button.

I tested a few others, like transferring between the Soundpeat Q32 built-in mic and your phone mic by holding the button for 1 second. Everything worked fine but I did find that the multi-purpose button could feel a bit vague in that you didn’t quite know if you’d fully depressed it or not. You get used to it pretty quickly.

Music Playback

Once I’d paired the earphones, I loaded up YouTube and played a song and during music playback, the multipurpose button worked well. Simply press once to play/pause and twice to skip forward a tune – this worked on YouTube and with music player apps.

I mentioned earlier that the Soundpeats Q32 spec stated a 10m working range, despite carrying Bluetooth 5.0. I found that audible glitches and short dropouts occurred around the 5m mark – the distance across a room.

Bluetooth 5.0

The first key difference between the Soundpeats Q32 Bluetooth earphones and many other Bluetooth earphones on the market is the inclusion of Bluetooth 5.0. Many devices will not yet be compatible with 5.0 but that doesn’t matter – it’s only a matter of time. In the meantime, you’ll still be able to use them with any other Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth 5.0’s range is 4 times greater than its predecessor 4.3 which means that you’ll suffer fewer dropouts when listening from a device placed in your bag. Listening distances across a sports field, athletic track or tennis court are also theoretically possible but Soundpeats’ spec says that these earphones have a working range of 10m.

Sound Quality and Comfort

I was so impressed by the Soundpeats Q32’s features but admittedly, I was ready to be a bit let down by their audio quality. I’d searched high and low for driver information or technical audio specs and couldn’t find anything. Fortunately, when I proceeded to play that first tune, I didn’t feel let down at all.

I thought the stereo imaging and soundstage of the Q32s were amongst the most surprising elements of their audio quality. I could really hear the mono-element of a song as being in the center of my head, which is not always the case with earphones. Maybe the far reaches of the stereo field were a little less dramatic but to me, being able to hear clear mono is more important.

Soundpeats Q32 Earphone

Aside from that, the bass frequencies are nice and punchy and the high frequencies are clear and non-fatiguing. Overall, a very well rounded tone. I have a few pairs of headphones to compare to, including Sennheiser HD 380s, Shure SE315s and some other cheaper pairs and the Soundpeats Q32s fare really well in comparisons.

I’ve always felt that earphone quality is extremely subjective and the Soundpeats Q32’s are to my taste – they’re clear and precise with plenty of presence. You can’t expect audiophile warmth or character from earphones of this price but you can expect clear, realistic and punchy audio and the Soundpeats Q32s achieve this pretty much perfectly.

Comfort and Wearability

These headphones fit as well as you’d expect them to. There’s nothing unique about the tips included and they’ll be familiar to most. I always find myself using the biggest tips so I can achieve the best sound isolation but there are three sizes included in normal and winged formats: small, medium and large.

Soundpeats Q32 Earphones
Soundpeats Q32 Earphones

I can’t foresee these earphones falling out easily due to their good fit and light weight. You’d notice immediately if one did fall out but if you were cycling, skiing, etc, then it might have already disappeared by then!

Sound Isolation

I did test the sound isolation properties of the Q32s behind my drum-kit and though they could never replace my Shure SE315s (which are purpose-built for isolation), they definitely feel like they could sufficiently block a decent level of background noise.


The Soundpeats Q32s represent amazing value for money amongst big brand Bluetooth earphones and headphones from the likes of Apple, Sony, etc. They’re armed to the teeth with features that cover everything from mono mode to in-call controls and music playback controls.

According to Soundpeats, the charging case can provide 18 – 20 charges but even if the real value is half of this then that’d be pretty good. I used the earphones for at least an hour and a half on one charge and experienced no problems.

Sound quality is what it’s all about and I’m happy to report that the Soundpeats Q32s deliver crisp and clear audio with adequate bass, plenty of presence in the highs and a pleasing soundstage/stereo image.

  • Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Working Time: 3 Hours
  • Bluetooth Chip: QCC3001
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Charging Case: 2600mAH


Soundpeats Q32 Bluetooth Earphones
SoundPEATS Q32 True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
The Soundpeats Q32s deliver excellent audio quality and a whole host of extra Bluetooth features that cover music playback control and many in-call actions. With Bluetooth 5.0, a quality charging case and great battery life, you really can't go wrong at the price.
Sound quality
Worth it?
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Bluetooth 5.0 for enhanced wireless range and reliability
Well-built earphones and case
Good battery life
Crisp and clear audio quality
Incredible price
Multi-function button takes a little getting used to
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