Naim Audio reveal their first wireless music system ‘Muso’

Naim audio was founded in 1973 and are located in Salisbury, United Kingdom. They specialise in manufacturing hi-fi equipment and became successful after merging with the French company Focal-JMLab in 2011 who were already experienced in selling high fidelity audio systems.

In April 2014 Naim audio announced from the vinyl factory in London that they would be releasing the Naim muso in early September. Similar to Sony SRS X9 it will be a wireless speaker focused on giving the listener the best possible experience. The next generation music system will have streaming enabled from popular providers and be compatible with an array of devices including laptops and smart phones. You can wirelessly connect in a variety of ways with AirPlay, UPnP™ (Universal Plug ‘n’ Play) and Bluetooth (aptX). If you prefer not to you can with USB or the 3.5mm analogue input which is useful if you want to boost the sound of your TV or games console. Of course for £895 you would expect this, a muso control app which works with Android, iPad, iPhone and iPod allowing you to browse a variety of radio stations or play and create playlists from afar.

Audio quality is really important in this day and age, the Naim muso includes the following audio formats: WAV, FLAC and AIFF up to 24-bit/192kHz; ALAC (Apple Lossless) up to 24-bit/96kHz; MP3 up to 48kHz, 320kb (16-bit); AAC up to 48kHz, 320kb (16-bit); and OGG and WMA up to 48kHz (16-bit). This means it is compatible with services such as HD tracks which provide only the best quality tracks for the best sound experience to be played on speakers like this very one.

Naim Muso, for Musos?

The Naim muso speaker can be used independently as a central home hi-fi system or combined with streaming players such as the UnitiQute 2 or NDX as a client player which can act as multiroom system similar to the speaker brand Sonos. The specifications of the speaker include six 75 Watt digital amplifiers, each powering custom designed drivers. It weighs 13kg and is 63cm wide, 12cm tall and 25.6cm deep.

Naim’s Managing Director, Paul Stephenson, commented:

“Naim exists to make music central to people’s lives and, as our first wireless music system, Muso exists to make that a reality for even more music lovers. Through a simplicity in design and an understanding of the engineering and technology needed to unleash digital music, we’ve created a system that is a revelation in sound and a joy to own and use.”

naim muso speaker

When it is out it should be a major competitor in the market, especially since it seems to have everything built-in that you could ever possibly need. If the sound isn’t quite right you can always use the two EQ settings to adjust the bass and treble according to the placement of the speaker.

UPDATE: Out now, purchase from John Lewis.

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