Sony SRS-X9 Fantastic Sonos Alternative

new sony SRS-X9 wireless speaker

Sony SRS-X9 best wireless speaker?

At ¬£599 you can buy the Sony SRS-X9 wireless speaker which is designed to ‘delight the urban audiophile’. Sony went quite crazy on this release and added seven different speakers all different shapes and sizes. To start with you got for super tweeters, two on the front and two on the top to provide those ultra highs. Powerful bass subwoofers which are also known as passive radiators, you’ve got two are those too and last of all, two mid-range speakers commonly known to help produce ‘crisp vocals and complex melodies’. It is a very good speaker because it is supported by seven drivers and an eight channel¬† S-Master HX digital amplifier adding up 154 W of raw power. Now you might be wondering, how big is the speaker? It’s 43 cm x 13.3 cm which is about a standard ruler and a half in length.

Some unique features which differentiate the SRS-X9 from others speakers is the fact that it is wireless. This puts it up against Sonos in competition since it has Apple airplay which means you can wirelessly play music from any Apple device such as your iPhone or iPod touch. Not only that it has NFC one touch listening and Bluetooth streaming which means any device has Bluetooth you can stream your music from there too. Now you might be thinking that was the last thing but there is one more thing which Sonos has and the SRS-X9 has too which is a DLNA connection which means you can play music from your home PC or server. You might be thinking well Sonos has all this, so why don’t I just go with them? Well as pointed out previously by me Sonos does not play popular flac 24 bit and only plays uncompressed flac 16 bit. This means that the Sony SRS-X9 can provide better sound quality and with the audio in socket means you have more options than you do with Sonos and you are not limited to wireless play. Sony created an app called SongPal which takes you through this short tutorial on how to add the speaker to your wireless network. There is also a hand-held controller which you can use to switch inputs stop play and increase the volume and so on.

Sony SRS-X9 remote

The speaker is something I’d really like to buy because it has so many options and instead of skipping out one thing Sony have given you the chance to choose what you want to use. Companies like Apple make life difficult by making things incompatible with other hardware, Sony just plonked it all in and has made a new speaker that has all the features that you could ever need. Now not many people have bought this because it is has literally just come out in April but I really think that this is the one, especially since they provide you with two magnets to take off the front because I think it looks so much better without the front grill. It is also impressive that the buttons on the top only light top when you are near thanks to proximity sensor, now how cool is that?

back of wireless speaker
You can see an audio in, WPS socket, LAN socket and 2 types of usb input.


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AU: Napf, Kogan


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The Sony SRS-X9 is well made and i like the design. amazing sound and great speaker layout using 7 speakers so you get rich detail and depth of sound and the left and right channels are clears.
Performance wise I must admit, for the price you are getting higher and audio for the price of a mid range audio.
Astonishing sound given the compact box. Very easy to set up via the iPad (via AirPlay) and works easily via the laptop over wifi using iTunes.
It is a shame that there is no audio output port, neither for headphones, nor for external speakers. You cannot use this as a DAC for another stereo system

Full Spec List


Sound quality95
Worth it?96
Reader Rating49 Votes78
Supports all audio formats and most wireless technologies.
Grill looks ugly, however you can take that off with provided magnets.
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