Waves Nx smashes $200,000 Kickstarter target with three days to go

Waves Nx 3d audio Kickstarter
Waves Nx 3d audio Kickstarter

The Waves Nx Kickstarter target has been smashed, with backers pledging $233,703, easily passing the $200,000 target. The project will be funded at 5pm on August 1, so there’s still three days to go. The Waves Nx tracker and app is designed to produce immersive 3D audio on any set of headphones.

You can install the application on your computer or mobile device, and once there it provides:

“same three-dimensional experience as listening to sound in the real world.”

Waves Nx can be snapped up for $69 on Kickstarter

The Nx tracker and app will be priced at $99 once it’s on the market in September. Waves initially offered it to backers for $59, although all the basic packages have been snapped up. You can still get it for $69 on Kickstarter though. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Waves Nx provides “true” 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound on any set of stereo headphones, even if the content is not mixed for surround sound. The app personalises the experience by using a head tracker. The Bluetooth tracker attaches to the headband of your cans. If you’re at home you can use your computer camera to replace the tracker. This also means at home you can operate 3D audio with a set of earphones.

In the “near future” Waves intend to release a hat with a pocket to hold the tracker for users who want to use it with earphones on the go. It seems a bit of an odd solution as not everyone will want to wear a Waves Nx hat wherever they go. Perhaps something allowing you to attach it to any hat would be a better solution.

Nx tracker unit bulkier than competition

Waves Nx 3d audio Kickstarter tracker
The Waves Nx tracker.

Waves doesn’t list the dimensions of the tracker, although it seems to be about 2″ x 1.5. It’s noticeably larger than the 3D audio tracker offered by 3D Sound Labs. Theirs is sized at 43 x 32 x 16 mm. It’s currently available for $99. The 3D Sound Labs add-on requires you to play files through the app, which could get a little tiresome. It’s not clear if Waves require you to do the same.

Waves say the Nx makes watching movies a personal home theatre experience, while watching sports makes you feel like you’re on the sidelines. Gaming becomes more immersive due to correct sound localisation, while voice conversations become more natural. Music regains the natural depth that is experienced while listening to loudspeakers.

Nx project began as mixing plugin

The Waves Nx project began in January with the Nx Virtual Mix Room plugin. It is intended for use for audio engineers who want to mix on headphones while experiencing the spatial dimension of using monitors in an acoustically-treated room. The plugin was well-received and the Nx tracker is a product designed for music lovers as well as music producers.

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