How to Buy the Best Wireless Headphones

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There’s so much home audio content on headphones and these days it’s more of complicated task with that constant pressure to buy. If you can step away from that for the moment, we can actually help you. First of all, there are no ‘best wireless headphones’, really there aren’t. It’s just like life, there is always something or someone better suited to that specific job. With all audio tech, it’s same principle; they have features that enable them to do that specific task better. Audiophiles looking for good wireless headphones will want something special, focused on sound quality. Gym goers might want something more light weight and convenient.

Sound engineers working in recording studios would be more interested in the best studio headphones reviews.

Putting all the main things headphones are used for together, our team has enabled you to make an informed choice (On your terms). Buy the headphones because you know they have features that make them worthy. Don’t be blind and fall for tricks of the trade, they want you to judge by looking at the cover and impulsively purchase.

Audiophiles looking for high quality sound

Maybe you’re not interested in added equalizers that smooth out tracks to sound better. Not everyone wants that, they want the sound to be as close as possible to the original song. Even with all the mistakes because that’s what makes it human, as intended by the producer. If you’re passionate about audio and want to spend a bit more money; this will help you find the best wireless headphones for you.

levitating the best wireless headphones
Become an audiophile

Premium Super comfort

With the primary goal being ‘high fidelity music listening‘, lets not forget about where that money is going. With comfort being a secondary to audio, plush ear cushions, or earpieces should be a perfect fit, ready for hours of pain free reggae (Or any decent music). Such a headphone exists but sometimes there’s a bit of user preference involved. It is known that the shape of your ears or head will change the audio experience. As a result, even the most experienced audiophile will have different idea of what sounds good to them. Unfortunately it’s a little difficult to measure ear-holes or make judgement of not just the size, but shape of the ears or head. If you’re serious about buying the best audiophile headphones, go to shops nearby and try them out. You will see if your views are matching the reviewers and can always come back to SoundReview and say, well my experience wasn’t that great. Or maybe it was brilliant, just as described and you’re very happy with your purchase.

High quality sound

Most headphones don’t have the ability to actually output high quality sound such as Flac or AAC. For it to occur, the drivers which power the sound need to capable of doing so. Not just cheap Chinese parts because the reliability is not as good, consequently affecting the performance that the brand claims the drivers can achieve. To avoid the discovery, some headphones brands do not disclose any specifications that they can’t prove, eliminating that chance. If you are looking for a balanced audio response, it is best to avoid products with a limited description. It will therefore allow you to be sure you are really getting positive results and not sub-par headphones. Another way would be to take them apart, but not everybody has an electronics degree. Some YouTubers do product tear-downs and disassembly, you might find the answer there.

Audio formats
Multiple Audio Formats

Extra software packages and equalizers can improve the audio quality artificially; however it is the equivalent of using CGI in films, you know it’s not real. Some people like super hero movies, some people don’t, it’s the same with sound. Our headphones reviewers know this and can usually tell when their favourite songs suddenly sound very different. Audiophile headphones shouldn’t be unbalanced, but focused above in audio quality.

Wireless with no audio compromises

Having good wireless headphones is something which can sometimes be more of a hassle than its worth. In some cases, not all, there is a compromise in audio quality because some data is lost with poor Bluetooth connectivity. This is avoided by simply using a more powerful transmitter. The further you are away from your music streaming device, the lower the audio quality that is received by the headphones. How can you tell? Reviewers should test how many feet the headphones can be away a phone or portable audio device. If it’s a far distance, then you know the Bluetooth transmitter is a good one.

But there is one, probably the most important thing; the Bluetooth software should be up to date. You can check Wikipedia to see all the versions and what they do. Please note that some brands will be faster to integrate the latest software than others, factor this in to your decision.

Watch Netflix a lot? Stop right there.

Ever just wanted to immerse yourself in sound? Are you watching TV and lounging around on the sofa on a regular basis? Only the best headphones for TV will enable you to multitask, you won’t need to leave your sofa to change the channel, or physically pick up the phone that’s ringing. Headphones with wireless connectivity allow remote control of things like your phone, speakers and TV.

Kick back, relax and enjoy your favourite TV programs such as Vikings. Great series, if you haven’t watched it before, takes a good 5 or 6 episodes to work out what’s going on. Just remember it’s the most annoying thing for headphones to run out of battery. Therefore, the option to go wired is a bonus; these days many devices require charging and it’s easy to forget.

headphones for lounging
If you look closely, there’s actually a person.

Here’s some features that are strongly required for the best experience whilst watching TV:

Active noise cancelling headphones: block out background noise

Active noise cancelling headphones enable the user to block out unwanted noise. This is particularly useful for allowing music to your ears, rather than the building work next door. It works best if the headphones have a good seal, otherwise it would be kind of pointless having ANC in the first place.

Now the interesting part, how does active noise cancelling work? There are usually two little microphones on each ear cup that measure your outside surroundings. Electronics inside your headphones will generate a waveform that is ‘out of phase’ by 180 degrees. This counters the ambient background noise, cancelling it out. If you want to try better to understand, CosmosMagazine have a more in-depth read here.

active noise cancelling diagram
Credit to CosmosMagazine

Google Assistant: control smart devices with your headphones

If you spend a lot of time on your phone this is a useful feature for the typical lounger. With the implementation of Google Assistant, you won’t have to look down anymore. You can avoid the dreaded text neck, play music, control smart devices and continue to do what you do best! With the software pre-installed, numerous brands have implemented this feature into their flagship headphones. Thus, the days of switching a lightbulb ‘manually’ is becoming a thing of the past. The only downside; for the privacy conscious, Google is always listening.

If you want to know more read up: What things can Google Assistant do?

Comfort is king, wear headphones for hours

Even some of the best headphones brands have a reduced wearing time. Lounging late? Ears can get really hot (Like they might explode) which is why there needs to be enough ear space. By being nice and roomy, the drivers don’t press and cause discomfort.

What if I’m a gamer?

It might be worth taking a slightly different approach if you like gaming. A mic is essential so you can communicate online, a built-in one will usually be fine. However, an upgrade to a boom mic will improve audio quality, so if the option is there go for it! Generally, when your main source of lounging is gaming, the important part you need to watch out for is compatibility. In comparison to years ago, console manufacturers have made it a lot easier to connect headphones. Connecting direct to the TV and having a long cable that everybody can trip over is a thing of the past. Now the controllers have an audio input for direct connectivity via cable or wireless with Bluetooth. Dedicated consoles such as PS4 or Xbox One differ in requirements to PC. Usually the manufacturer will state, besides if you are not sure write in the comments section (Tick ‘Subscribe’ for commenting via email!)

Gaming headphones are needed when:

  • Family and friends can’t deal with the loud noises
  • Competitive gaming where sound improves game play performance
  • Game streaming on YouTube to communicate with fan base

Otherwise it is better to look at computer speakers designed to fit on your desk. Or maybe.. you could go bigger and get a proper home cinema, it depends on your requirements. Take a look at this rig, absolutely dazzling, it’s like going back to the future.

Noise cancelling headphones for plane travel

best headphones for plane travel

If you are travelling on holiday, the chances are you’ll be taking a flight. Long plane journeys aren’t the best experience in the world, there’s jet noise, people and general discomfort with being stuck in a chair. To ease things off, a pair of headphones will help you switch off and relax in a number of different ways. And you can’t just pick good wireless headphones, they have to have features that actually aid your needs.

Active Noise Cancelling features to block jet noise

Active noise cancelling will shut you off completely from your surroundings. Without it, you would need to put the volume right up to compensate for the background noise. In the instance of active noise control, interrupting jet sound or voices will not be present; therefore, you can listen to music at a safe volume level.

Comfort for long haul flights

Comfort is key for long haul flights when wearing headphones for long periods of time. The ear cup shape is important, everyone’s ears are all shapes and sizes. To be sure, it would make sense for there to be extra space as there is less pressure on the ears. Over long duration, such a thing becomes more noticeable. There is nothing worse than hot ears, manufacturers sometimes use a special material to release the steam and reduce ear ache.

Super battery life

If you want to rely on wireless then the battery duration has to be long enough. Worse come worse, use the wired option but really that shouldn’t need to happen. If you’ve got a flight to Australia from Europe, it has got to last with no hiccups. Watch out for cheaper batteries that last long in the beginning, but don’t always retain their charge in the long run.

Protective case for extra portability

Sometimes you won’t feel like the need to use your headphones. Airports don’t treat your luggage with much respect; if you want to pack your headphones away they have to be safe from damage. That’s where a case can really increase the lifespan of your trusty cans, especially if they fold up. Otherwise, next thing you know you’re sitting there and watching your suitcase being thrown 15ft onto a flatbed truck. Good portable headphones are essential to prevent damage, whenever on the move this will be a problem. But don’t forget about product warranties, if it breaks get it replaced.

Best Earphones for working out

On-ear or over-ear headphones are not recommended due to the heat and sweat generated whilst training hard. So instead I’ll be outlining features you should be looking for in sports earphones. They should be robust, long lasting and easy to use. Suitable for a wide range of exercises rather than being cumbersome and in the way.

Sweatproof earphones are essential

Sweat resistance is probably the most important feature needed because otherwise the earphone drivers could get destroyed. Most sports earphones are splash proof, which should be enough to protect components from sweat or rain (But not swimming pools).

Earphones that stay in for most exercises

Health and fitness is a big part of life for some and as times move on, so do workouts at the gym. There are thousands of exercises that can be performed to stay strong. These guys doing crazy calisthenics training wouldn’t want to be picking earphones up from the floor every five seconds.

A selection of interchangeable ear tips should fix the issue. And no they are not spares, use the right ones! The design and shape help secure each earphone in place. If you have the wrong size you will have difficulties keeping them in your ears.

Wireless, lightweight and cable noise free

There are many reasons why cables might not be a good idea if you’re clumsy. Cables get caught on things, last thing you want to do trip over yourself and destroy the inputs on your phone. It doesn’t end there. A common problem is that cable friction on clothing while jogging rubs creates an irritating brushing sound.

Recap on buying the best wireless headphones

girl wearing cheap wireless headphones
When you’ve found decent headphones, send us a selfie.

Making a decision is tough, there’s lots of conflicting reviews that are totally different to one another. To decide which reviews are more reliable, hopefully now you have enough knowledge to say which are good wireless headphones and be more confident in saying so. If you really liked this post and want to see what our reviewers have been up to, be sure to check out the best bluetooth headphones reviews. We’ll keep updating it with new tech as it comes to us!

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