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New Xfyro Arias: The Best Airpods Alternative?

New Xfyro Arias: The Best Airpods Alternative?

by Sam Jeans2018/06/21

Xfyro is a fairly small team based in New York and they don’t claim to be one of the industry’s biggest players amongst big names Apple, Jaybird and Bose.

The upcoming release of the Xfyro Aria may well change that.

They’ve annihilated their $10,000 Indiegogo target by raising a stunning $384,881! That’s a real achievement and now, we’re all very excited to see the end product. Could the Xfyros become the best Airpods alternative? It certainly feels that way…

Xfyro are an award-winning team of engineers and audiophiles. The concept of the Xfyro Aria is to create the ultimate true-wireless earphones which deliver crisp, punchy audio day-in-day-out no matter what the elements throw at them.

Girl wearing the Xfyro Arias

Wearing the Xfyro Arias.

Xfyro Arias Feature Overview

  • 8 hours playback on one full charge. 32 hours total charge time with the charge case.
  • Can provide 3 hours charge from a single 15-minute fast charge!
  • Superbly built earbuds with CVC noise-cancellation making for excellent underwater performance.
  • 16mm audio drivers are far more capable than the 5mm drivers used in current Bluetooth earphones.
  • Bluetooth 5 provides a stable connection over much greater distances than its predecessors.
  • Tons of extra features like zero-lag video audio playback, Google and Siri compatibility, stereo hands-free calling, choice of earbud tips and ear-wings and tap controls
  • Superb All-weather audio and excellent battery Life
  • The Xfyro Arias are designed for life on the go. Whether you’re white-water rafting, trekking through deserts or climbing mountains, the Xfyro’s IP67 water and dust-proof rating will keep you covered.

Like Xfyro’s older products, the Arias come with a superbly built carry case that doubles up as a charger.

Xfyro Arias with charging case

Xfyro Arias bluetooth earbuds with charging case and accessories.

The Xfyro Aria can provide 8 hours of playback on a single charge and the carry case can be used to charge the earphones a further 3 times for a maximum battery life of 32 hours. This is class-leading amongst Bluetooth headphones – it blows the recently released Apple Airpods out of the water.

Xfyro Aria vs other Bluetooth Earphones

How does the Aria fare against the competition?

Bluetooth 5 – The Next Generation of Wireless Functionality

So what about wireless functionality? Most Bluetooth earphones work if your device is placed in your front pocket. Even the distance from the bottom of your bag to your earphones can be problematic.

Xfyro have managed to pack Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with auto-pairing into these little earphones. They have a theoretical working distance of 35 feet! Audio quality should be flawless regardless of whether you’re on the tennis court, training on the pitch or swimming. We’ve pointed out so many fantastic qualities that could make the Xfyro Arias the best Airpods alternative, but the thing is, there are more…

Bluetooth 5 for long range connectivity

Theoretical working range of 35ft

Extraordinarily Well-engineered Feature-set

Whilst engineering the Arias, Xfyro certainly haven’t forgotten about audio quality. They’ve kept in mind that the primary use of any earphones is music playback. Inside the earphone you can find 16 mm dynamic drivers with dual beamforming microphones – Xfyro claims to have tested over 100 different drivers when developing the Arias. Other Bluetooth earphones from Bose, Apple, Jaybird and Jabra feature only 5mm drivers. The Aria’s dual beamforming microphones ensure great quality hands-free calls.

Advanced 16mm earphone drivers

16mm drivers and beamforming microphones

Superb Attention to Detail

The wealth of extra features that Xfyro pack into the Arias is quite astounding. They’ve worked meticulously to ensure that there is no lag when listening to video audio on your device, have placed a microphone inside the earphones so you can access Siri and Google Assistant without removing your phone from your pocket and have built touch control into the earphones so you can pause your music by simply pressing on the earbud.

Syncs with your Phone Assistants

Google Assistant and Siri Compatible

So, will the Xfyro Arias Become the Best Airpods Alternative?

At the moment, it feels like there is a very strong possibility that the Xfyro Arias could rise to become class-leading Bluetooth headphones — maybe even the best Bluetooth earphones created by any company so far. They seem destined to be the best Airpods alternative. On paper, their features are extraordinary. Also, preliminary tests and rumours seem to suggest that the audio quality is very good.

best airpods alternative for everyday use.

Use the Xfyro Arias in everyday life

When compared directly to their competition, they excel in every category. You can also see that their pricing is more than just realistic for such a super device – it’s wholly reasonable.

We’re more than just excited to get our hands on some Xfyro Arias – we really can’t wait!

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