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Buyer’s guide: Sennheiser Momentum Free vs In-ear Wireless
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Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC wireless noise cancelling headphones review
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Focal develops Listen wireless, Spark wireless earphones out now!

You might never have considered Focal headphones; that’s because before the average joe would never be able to afford most of the high-end products on offer. Items such as the Focal Utopia Headphones are on ebay for just under $4,000!

“Last year, Focal took the audio world by [...]

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How to use the Amazon Music app

Amazon Music was launched mid 2015 as a direct competitor of other music streaming services and music stores. Itunes is a target and Amazon is the prime suspect of that. The app is very good although it has its flaws as it’s not very intuitive to use. That is why I have written the [...]

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Best Sports Earphones 2015

If you live in England right now you might be thinking, when is there going be a good day to go outside for a run. The short answer is probably never, luckily places like gyms exist which don’t rely on the weather. That’s the first thing, the second thing would be, what earphones am I [...]

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JLab Epic Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Jlab released these fitness inspired earphones back at the end of 2013. It is that time year again and you may want to get outside, start running, get fit and so forth. These wireless Bluetooth earbuds might just what you looking for. There are many sports earphones on the market and is [...]

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Best Earphones Under £100 in 2015

Not everybody can afford the most expensive earphones so today we are going to look at a selection under £100. They will be numbered 1 to 4 as some are better than others but at the end of the day it all comes to personal preference. Obviously because the majority of the stuff we review we [...]

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The Best Headphones 2015

1. Bose SoundTrue Around Ear £150

Bose been trying really hard the past year to come up with a cheap, consumer friendly pair of headphones. The Bose sound true around ear headphones do just that and for that reason are number one on our list for the best headphones in 2015. Priced at [...]

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Bose Soundlink Colour Speaker Review

The Bose sound link colour was released in July 2013 and is still widely popular all around the world. The idea is that it is small, lightweight and easy to use, while still giving that full sound regardless of its size. It is relatively expensive, priced at about £120 (mid-range) which [...]

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Sony MDR-1A Headphones Review

The Sony MDR-1A was released in September 2014 for £169 on the official Sony website. Intended for providing high-resolution audio these are consumer friendly studio headphones to keep the music being listened to as authentic as possible. Other competing headphones in the market usually go [...]

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