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Welcome promoters, as you may have already come to realize the ever increasing presence of ad blockers has been severely damaging to the advertising industry. A staggering 42% of our users are tech savvy enough to block our Google ads. Why?

The ads extract a lot of personal data to intelligently target specific types of people. They become invasive and reduce user experience by being annoying. To counter this, SoundReview is now on the pursuit to self-advertising. Although our Google Ads are now non-personalised, (set to not use cookies) we'd like to take it a step further and eventually stop using Google Ad services completely.

If you would rather send products for a review you're in the wrong place. 

Our in-house Ads don't track/target individuals (Only views and clicks!)

Ad blockers can't see our display ads since they are just images with a link.

Our audience are tech consumers searching for their next purchase.

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You can select your Ad position, at this moment we are offering 1 space that is 300 x 250px in size. It can be a static image or GIF with the URL to your website. The completion time can vary slightly depending on the season and the frequency we show your Ad. You can track the progress via the user panel which you should be able to access after submitting your ad.




Est. 1 week 



Est. 2 weeks



Est. 3 weeks

Note: We have the right to refuse any Ads/URLs not deemed suitable for SoundReview listing. In that instance, we would issue a refund. Do not use your own URL trackers or they will get Ad blocked, you have been warned. 

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