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Pearl Eliminator Redline P2052B double pedal review

The original Pearl Eliminator is a classic design that has graced countless stages. The Redline is an updated version and it’s still a killer pedal. At $400 it sure ain’t cheap but after giving it several months hard use I can definitely say it’s worth the asking price. [...]

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Jimmy Chamberlain sells drums from classic Smashing Pumpkins LPs

Wouldn’t you love to own the equipment your favourite artist used 20 years ago in a huge concert? I believe, we all would hop in to get our hands on it. Surprisingly, Jimmy Chamberlain fans are in for a sweet treat. The Smashing Pumpkins original drummer is all set to sell his gear [...]

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Black Friday 2016 US: guitar, amp and drum deals – Rock edition

It’s the time of year all musicians wait for: Black Friday. In 2016 the deals are as ridiculous as ever. I’m sure you have better things to do than scroll through thousands of listings though, so we’ve compiled the very best Black Friday deals for electric guitars, amps [...]

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Tama Iron Cobra Drum Pedals Updated

Tama have updated their Iron Cobra and Speed Cobra kick drum pedals for 2016. The line-up features the Iron Cobra 900 and Speed Cobra 910 pedals. Since the Iron Cobras debuted two decades ago, interest in fast double bass/double kick playing has risen. The number of competitors in the [...]

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Pearl Export EXX Series drum set

Pearl Export EXX is wonderful entry level drum kit that gives the feel of handling professional level equipment to someone who is just starting out because of the immense ability of customisation and adjustments.
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