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Interview: Justin Johnson talks 3-string shovel guitar and new LP
NAMM 2017: Fender launch new range of Squier Offset guitars
Aston Origin review
TC Electronic Polytune 3 review
Buyer’s guide: Sennheiser Momentum Free vs In-ear Wireless
Marvel’s mandate may come true after Spider-man release on PS4
NAMM 2017: Get a US-made Gibson S series guitar for $399
Hear new 15-watt Eddie Van Halen amp, the EVH 5150III LBXII
Justin Johnson – Drivin’ It Down album review
Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC wireless noise cancelling headphones review
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AO Black Friday week best hand-picked tech deals (UK)

Another year and another black Friday sale mean savings on over 6,500 electrical products at Appliances Online… are you excited? Well, you really should be. As this year is offering by FAR the greatest Black Friday deals I’ve ever seen. If you’re not already [...]

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Intel put the knife to 3.5mm jack, throw weight behind USB Type-C port

Thinking about buying headphones with a 3.5mm jack? You might want to reconsider. Intel would like to kill off the 3.5mm jack in favour of the USB Type-C connector. They’re not the only ones giving some heat to the humble 3.5mm jack. Apple is reportedly set to ditch the headphone [...]

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ZTE Axon Elite Phablet Review

Chinese phones with high end specs are flooding the market and they are becoming very popular these days. Just about 1 or 2 years ago, it was very expensive to buy a phone with a full HD display, a couple of gigabytes of RAM and plenty of storage. Such phones were mostly marketed by the [...]

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Onda V820W Windows/Android Tablet Review

Dual booting is a common thing on computers, but not so much when it comes to smartphones. Dual booting on smartphones does require additional ROM to store the two operating systems and that can push the costs upwards. Apparently, what we are going to see today is the cheapest dual boot [...]

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ZTE Nubia Z7 Phablet Review

The android smartphone and tablet market is being swamped with newer and better models all the time. Some time ago, it was the big players like Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony, etc. bringing on the high end smartphones that cost a lot. They still do cost upwards of $500 if you are looking at [...]

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